Viviana Premazzi

Lecturing Sectors: Management Courses

Ms Viviana Premazzi has a Ph.D. in Sociology of Migration, MA in Intercultural and Interreligious Conflicts Management. 

She is accredited Lecturer in “Intercultural Management” by Hofstede Insights and has worked as a consultant and trainer for corporations and not-for-profit organisations in Europe, North America, Africa and the Middle East. 

After many years around the world, in 2018, she founded in Malta, Global Mindset Development GMD Malta (https://gmdmalta.com/), to help individuals and organisations to develop an open and curious mindset to work effectively across cultures and promote diverse and inclusive workplaces and societies. 

She has provided consultancy, training and mentoring to Fortune 500, local and international companies, government agencies, business associations, international NGOs and for the United Nations and the World Bank in Albania, Kosovo, Italy, Mozambique, Egypt, USA and Brazil since 2006 on topics related to intercultural communication, diversity and inclusion, migration, cooperation and development and financial education.

She is a lecturer with the University of Malta and the Institute for Education on intercultural communication and cultural diversity.