Entela Dimech Llanaj

Lecturing Sectors: Language Courses

Ms Entela Dimech Llanaj obtained a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (English) from the University of Malta in 1996. Literacy Developments and multilingualism have always been her areas of interest.
In 2003, she completed her master’s degree in education – M.Ed. (Literacy Developments) at the University of Malta.
She has been teaching for the past 27 years in state and independent schools. During these years she occupied different teaching and mentoring roles in various educational settings, from Early Years to Vocational Education.
As a migrant worker herself, She always took a particular interest in multiculturalism and migrant integration, especially though language acquisition. Communication and integration process are enhanced further when language skills are strengthened. She looks forward to having this opportunity at Learning Works, teaching English Language for Foreigners. During her free time, she enjoys reading history books, gardening, and trekking. She is currently teaching English Language and English Literature in an independent school.