We are currently offering the following short courses:

Work Psychology

This course will focus on individuals and groups in relation to their work. It will look at the contribution psychology can make to achieving ‘best fit’ between people and their jobs, thereby to enhance productivity, satisfaction and well-being at work.

Project Management

This course introduces students to the principles and practices of project management. It will equip the students with the skills, knowledge and competences required for a project manager to overlook a successful project. Upon successful completion of this module, students shall be able to assist their project manager and carry out tasks successfully under the supervision of the project manager.


This course will introduce the learners to the principles of Marketing and allow them to gain an insight to putting certain marketing models and concepts to practice. Through this course, learners shall be able to understand the nature and the complexity of marketing. Furthermore, learners will also be exposed to the role of the consumer in strategic marketing.

Health Management

This short course introduces students to the principles and guiding methods of health management. It will allow them to understand how healthcare organisations operate within an extremely complex environment and require continuous change. This means that managing in healthcare industries requires exceptional managerial and leadership skills.

Corporate Communication

This course allows learners to understand the importance of communications within organisations. Throughout the module they will be exposed to the benefits of corporate communications, as well as the various techniques and nature of corporate communications strategies. 

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