About Learning Works

Learning Works is accredited by the Malta Further and Higher  Education Authority as a Further and Higher Education Institution (Licence no. 2009-TC-004). It offers courses in Health and Social Care, Catering and Hospitality, Management, Sport and other areas.  

Courses are tailored to a variety of students, both local and foreign and understand that flexibility is key. 

As from 2023 Learning Works will also be venturing into secondary and post secondary education through the Mediterranean College of Sport in Birkirkara.

Our mission is to provide high quality education and vocational training with the aim of helping learners identify educational and career goals, develop skills necessary to achieve intellectual and personal growth, excel in their studies or area of specialisation enabling them to ultimately secure quality employment, career advancement and to reach their maximum potential.

To learn more about our policies and procedures please visit the downloads section of this website: https://www.learningworks.edu.mt/downloads/


Learning Works foundation is established on 75 years of experience, operating various economic sectors. As a result, Learning Works’ mother company, Vassallo Group employs 1,800 full and part-time professional and support staff. Learning Works also provides a platform where students interested in vocational, hospitality, technology and construction industries can be guided by the most experienced hands on the island. Vassallo Group has a pioneering track record in a number of thriving industries, therefore the company’s knowledge and insight may serve as moving information for a brighter future. Learning Works also provides its student with the opportunity to study and get recognised qualifications, facilitating their route to gainful employment and a rewarding career in this sector in Malta, or abroad. 


Malta is a small island but this fact offers many advantages. It is relatively cheap, quick and easy to get around the island, especially with the many direct bus routes to and from various bus termini, including one situated opposite our training centre. Malta’s proximity to other Schengen and EU countries as well as the numerous direct flight connections, make it very easy to explore the Mediterranean region. In addition, Malta enjoys a temperate climate with mild winters and warm summers.