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Learning Works Prospectus 2024

Level 1 Award in Basic Health and Safety Awareness at Construction and Building Sites

Level 1 English Language for Foreigners

Level 1 Maltese Language and Cultural Orientation 

Level 2 Award in Maltese Language and Cultural Orientation

Level 3 Award in Professional Service in Hospitality, Food & Beverage

Level 4 Award in Advanced Healthcare

Level 4 Award in Child Care (0-3 years)

Level 4 Award in Dementia Care

Level 4 Award in Health and Safety in a Construction Environment

Level 4 Award in Leadership and Management

Level 4 Award in Mental Health Support and Care

Level 4 Award in Nutrition for Sport and Physical Activity

Level 4 Award in Paediatric Nutrition

Level 4 Award in Psychology for Sport and Exercise

Level 4 Award in Supporting Individuals with Disabilities

Level 4 in Discovering Diversity Potential in the Workplace

Level 4 Nutrition for the Elderly

Level 5 Award in Acting for Television and Film

Level 5 Award in Public Speaking and Speechwriting

Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management

Level 5 Diploma in Sport Management

Level 6 Award in Applied Management of Tourism

Level 6 Award in Corporate Communications (10 ECTS)

Level 6 Award in Health Management (10 ECTS)

Level 6 Award in Marketing (10 ECTS)

Level 6 Award in Project Management (10 ECTS)

Level 6 Award in Women in Leadership

Level 6 Award in Work Psychology (10 ECTS)

Level 6 B.Sc. (Hons.) in Management (Top-up)

Level 7 Post Graduate Certificate in the Psychology of Eating Disorders and Obesity

LWP01 – Internal Quality Assurance

LWP02 – Registration and Admissions

LWP03 – Public Information

LWP04 – Performance and Attendance

LWP05 – Withdrawal and Refund

LWP06 – Data Protection

LWP07 – Records Management and Archiving

LWP08 – Academic Integrity

LWP10 -Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

LWP11 – Student Work Placement

LWP12 – Student Complaints

LWP13 – Student Grievances

LWP14 – Student Appeals

LWP14B – Student Appeals Form

LWP15 – Equality, Diversity and Student Support

LWP16 – Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking

LWP17 – Anti-Bribery and Corruption

LWP18 – Learning Resources and Student Support

LWP19 – Online Learning

LWP20 – Teaching and Administrative Staff

LWP22 – Continuous Professional Development

LWP23 – Design and Approval of Programmes

LWP24 – Health and Safety Policy

LWP25 – VNFIL Policy

Optimising The Impact Of Online Learning: Resources for Educators

Optimising The Impact Of Online Learning: Resources for Healthcare Educators