MQF Level 4 Award in Nutrition for Sport and Physical Activity

Course Description

This award aims to deliver discuss and impart the core principles and knowledge of Sports nutrition. The award will demonstrate the essence of Sports nutrition and why it is of utmost importance in every sporting success.  Each Unit of the course will discuss the key topics in sports nutrition and based on peer reviewed research and studies. The award will provide a broad learning platform of Sport Nutrition, ensuring that students understand the importance of nutrition as well as learn about nutrition strategies and how to implement a personal plan.  

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course programme, students will be able to:

  • Build a nutrition plan within the limitations of the individual’s own competence, knowledge and sphere of professional practice, consistent with the legislation relating to healthcare practice.
  • Incorporate his/her diet with his sporting abilities.
  • Reflect on personal knowledge, skills and practice for continuing professional development.
  • Support individual’s personal sport, interests, preferences, and cultures.
  • Apply a holistic approach to his/her sporting career meeting his/her own needs.
  • Understand current legislation in the field.
  • Understand own responsibilities when making food choices , and the responsibilities of others, relating to food, health and environment.
  • Evaluate nutritional diets.

Target Candidates

The Award is aimed at students who would like to develop their knowledge and skills of Sports nutrition. This course is beneficial for anyone interested in the fundamentals of Sport nutrition. The type of learners expected to enter this programme include: both athletes who would like to get a good understanding of the topic, as well as individuals who have a career in sport and physical activity.  

This Award in Nutrition for Sport and Physical Activity is suitable for coaches working in the field of Sports, fitness instructors,  athletes and physical activity enthusiasts. The course will provide knowledge and instruction on the subject area. On successful completion, students will have practical knowledge about sport Nutrition that can assist them in their employment within the Sport or Physical Activity sector.

Course Code Duration Credit Value Next Intake FT/PT
LW/S/002 3 months 4 ECTS September 2024 PT
Contact Hours Placement Hours Self Study Hours Assessment Hours Total Learning Hours
32 0 65 3 100

Mode of Training

 This Award will be delivered using a variety of interactive teaching methods. Case studies and work examples will be discussed throughout the course.


Assessments will include a mix of examinations and individual presentations.

Awarding Body

Learning Works

Course Structure

Module 1: Nutrition the overall picture: Understand the concepts of nutrition and digestion. The role of nutrition for health (1 ECTS)

Good nutrition is also fuel. Quality of food provides a variety of nutrients. An overview, of the properties, structure, the function and utility of a number of nutrients found in food will be covered.


Module 2: Understand Energy balance and the importance of hydration in sport (1 ECTS)

This unit introduces students to the basic principles of energy balance, and the importance of hydration for both health and sport performance. Students are introduced to the principles of energy expenditure and energy balance and how this is affected by differing bodily processes.  The importance of effective hydration is highlighted and the role of hydration in sport performance is covered. Throughout this unit, students are made directed to become self-aware of factors that affect their energy balance; specifically, in relation to metabolism, energy used for physical activity and lifestyle. 

Module 3: The essentials of a good diet plan (1 ECTS)

This unit covers the practical aspects of a holistic view of nutrition. A practical approach of how to choose one’s food is the basis of this unit. It covers the relationship of food, its production and the effects on the environment. The unit will delve into the food available on the market. Making the right choices of food is also learning how to read food labels effectively and this aspect is also covered in this unit. Assessing one’s body composition is an important tool to help one in identifying a good nutrition plan. In this module the practical aspects to assess body composition using one method will be covered. 

Module 4: Plan a personal nutritional Strategy. Healthy weight Management and hydration (1 ECTS)

The essentials of a sporting diet and the role of hydration are explored in this unit. The importance of assessing obesity and ‘What is obesity?’ are tackled in this module. As well as the implications of obesity in the population and associated problems. The consequences of being an overweight athlete are explored. The module also examines contemporary essentials of a sporting diet leading up to providing skills and exploring: The utility and know-how of keeping a food diaryin aiding to assess and plan one’s own diet, the essentials required for building one’s diet plan according to his/her needs. The principles of doping and the use of illegal substances are also examined

Entry Requirements

Learners need to satisfy the following criteria:

Age 16 +

MQF Level 3 or equivalent qualification;

Be able to communicate in the English Language

Have an interest in Sport or Physical activity

Holds a clean Police Conduct Certificate.



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