Samantha Farrugia Tabone

Lecturing Sectors: Sports & Leisure

Ms Samantha Farrugia graduated in B. Ed (Hons) with the specialisation in Physical Education in 2011. Two years later she also completed her Masters in Applied Sport and Exercise Psychology with Staffordshire University. 

She is currently teaching full time in a church secondary school and has been for eleven years. This goes hand in hand with her part-time lecturing at University. 

In her free time Samantha has been coaching Mini Basketball for Under 10s for the last 15 years and plays basketball with Starlites Basketball Club.  

She has experience helping athletes counteract anxiety, and fuel motivation to enhance performance under stress. She is also involved in delivering presentations and talks with various audiences within the sporting sector about various topics related to Sport Psychology. 

Voluntary work with St John Rescue Corps has increased her stamina and fulfilled her need to help others.