Isotta Rossoni

Lecturing Sectors: Management Courses

Isotta Rossoni was born in Sydney, Australia and has lived in Italy, the UK, Russia and Malta (so far). Isotta specialises in gender and migration issues, and human rights. She holds a BA in Russian and International Relations from Queen Mary University of London, an MSc from the University of Oxford and is currently pursuing a PhD at Leiden University’s Van Vollenhoven Institute for Law and Society. In the past seven years she has worked as grant writer, project manager, trainer and research consultant for a number of international NGOs. She is currently on UN Women’s Roster of Consultants for Ending Violence against Women and Research Consultant for the Council of Europe for a project on migrant integration in Italy. In recent years, she has conducted ESG audits of SMEs and held one-on-one training sessions with (social) enterprises and NGOs on behalf of a small Malta-based consultancy firm. Isotta regularly collaborates with Global Mindset Development Malta on trainings and research. The most recent collaboration culminated in a report exploring the existence and suitability of sexual harassment policies among Italian firms.