George Micallef

Lecturing Sectors: Sports & Leisure

George Micallef, an experienced figure in the realms of sports education and media, currently serves as the Director of Sport Development & Recruitment at the Mediterranean College of Sport. With a solid foundation laid during his undergraduate years, having graduated with a bachelor’s degree in physical education and sports from the University of Malta in 1991, Micallef has amassed over three decades of experience in the education sector, including more than 15 years in educational leadership roles. Notably, he was instrumental in establishing The National Sport School, Malta and served as its pioneering head for six years from 2012 to 2018. Simultaneously, Micallef has left an indelible mark in sports media over a span of 43 years, showcasing his versatility as a reporter, sports newscaster, TV presenter, producer, and primarily as a football commentator. Presently, he holds the position of lead commentator for TSN Malta. Alongside his media engagements, Micallef worked as a qualified MFA B License football coach, with coaching stints including three years at the University of Malta (1987-1990) and two years as B’Kara FC Women’s coach (1995-1997). He also imparts his expertise in Communication and Media to aspiring football coaches pursuing MFA UEFA Pro License, UEFA A and UEFA B License coaching courses. Through his multifaceted contributions, Micallef continues to shape and elevate the landscape of sports education and media.