Jessica Bugeja

Lecturing Sectors: Health & Social Care

(M.Sc. (Hons) (Melit.) Nur, BSc (Hons) (Melit.) H.SC., Dip Nurs.)

Jessica Bugeja, graduated from the University of Malta with a Master of Science in Nursing which her thesis focused on the lived experience of patients with a Cardiac Resynchronisation Therapeutic Defibrillator Device. Her research has focused on a Qualitative methodology utilising Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis through which findings have altered clinical decisions when considering patients’ uncertainty, coping and the psychological challenges of having a chronic illness and such a device. Prior to this, Ms Bugeja, obtained her Degree in Health Sciences from the University of Malta through online learning which has enriched her experience in online teaching. And initially she graduated from the University of Malta with a Diploma in Nursing which started her career in Nursing.

Her work is clinical based as a Senior Staff Nurse in our local general hospital and her main interests are Cardiology, especially Cardiac Electrophysiology. She was part of the Covid-19 response team with the Public Health during the Covid-19 pandemic. She has experience in research and has co-authored in published research papers. She is a certified Advanced Life Support Provider and has immediate life-saving care at heart. She is also a mentor for nursing students and a preceptor for newly graduate nurses and an infection control link nurse. Her main pedagogy is Experiential teaching since her aim is to engage students in the theoretical and clinical experience through a connection between reflective practice, theory and knowledge.