Sandra Bajada

Lecturing Sectors: Language Courses

Ms Sandra Bajada is a teacher in the Maltese State School with 25 years of teaching experience.  

She graduated in Bachelor of Arts in Maltese and English from the University of Malta in 1996.  

A year later in 1997, she obtained the Postgraduate certificate in Education thus becoming a fully qualified teacher.  

Throughout her teaching career she has mentored a lot of newly qualified teachers, student teachers and Learning Support Assistants. For this reason, she felt the need to do it professionally and in 2018, she graduated in Postgraduate certificate in Educational Mentoring.  

She has always had an interest in the Maltese language and has a passion for the subject.  

In 2017, she obtained the proof-reading certificate from the University of Malta after following the course ‘Qarrej tal-Provi’.  Henceforth, Ms Bajada proofread a number of Maltese magazines and books.  

Since 2020, she joined Learningworks as a tutor in Maltese language courses and in 2021, she started tutoring the English language course as well.