Holger Suarez

Lecturing Sectors: Health & Social Care

Holger Suarez has been involved in the social sector for twenty-five years. He is a senior social worker and a visiting senior lecturer at the Faculty of Social Well-Being, University of Malta. 

Holger is a registered social worker with the Malta Social Work Profession Board and Social Work England (SWE). He practised his profession at Mt. Carmel Hospital and with the Children’s Services, Surrey County Council, UK. Holger worked for six years as an operations manager with Richmond Foundation, a leading Non-Governmental Organisation in mental health. Since 2007, he has been involved in various research projects. 

Holger completed his bachelor’s degree in Social Work in 2002, Masters’s degree in Human Rights and Democratization in 2004, Diploma in Diplomatic Studies in 2006 and a Diploma for Graduates in Management (LSE) in 2012. He is currently reading for a PhD in evidence-based social work practice with the University of Hertfordshire.