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Learning Works is a company within Vassallo Group focusing on training and education. The company’s training arm is set on the firm pillars that CareMalta established in 2010. The CareMalta Academy created its name of quality and success in the healthcare industry, by providing insightful courses for the sector. Learning Works forms part of Vassallo Group, a ‘people-focused’ group of companies that strives for excellence in every project they partake in. A gap in vocational training on the island, led the agile and future focused team to launch newly developed training courses aimed at equipping the island with professionals.

Learning Works is accredited by the Malta Further and Higher  Education Authority as a Further and Higher Education Institution. It offers courses in Construction and Property Management, Catering and Hospitality, Health Care, Management and Sport. Courses in other areas will be rolled out in the coming months at Learning Works. Courses are tailored to a variety of students, both local and foreign and understand that flexibility is key. 

As from 2023 Learning Works will also be venturing into secondary and post secondary education through the Mediterranean College of Sport in Birkirkara.

Our mission is to provide high quality education and vocational training with the aim of helping learners identify educational and career goals, develop skills necessary to achieve intellectual and personal growth, excel in their studies or area of specialisation enabling them to ultimately secure quality employment, career advancement and to reach their maximum potential.

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In the near future Learning Works will also be providing other services within the education sector.


Learning Works foundation is established on 73 years of experience, operating various economic sectors. As a result, Vassallo Group employs 1,800 full and part-time professional and support staff. Learning Works also provides a platform where students interested in vocational, hospitality, technology and construction industries can be guided by the most experienced hands on the island. Vassallo Group has a pioneering track record in a number of thriving industries, therefore the company’s knowledge and insight may serve as moving information for a brighter future. Learning Works also provides its student with the opportunity to study and get recognised qualifications, facilitating their route to gainful employment and a rewarding career in this sector in Malta, or abroad. The Vassallo Group recruitment scheme also enables successful students to find employment in a rewarding and fulfilling environment.


Malta is a small island but this fact offers many advantages. It is relatively cheap, quick and easy to get around the island, especially with the many direct bus routes to and from various bus termini, including one situated opposite our training centre. Malta’s proximity to other Schengen and EU countries as well as the numerous direct flight connections, make it very easy to explore the Mediterranean region. In addition, Malta enjoys a temperate climate with mild winters and warm summers.


The chief executive of the Learning Works is Charlo Bonnici, who is also Vassallo Group’s director of communications. Vassallo Group is the parent company to Learning Works with 75 years of experience in the local industry. He is assisted by Christabelle Tabone, the executive administrator as well as a team of qualified and experienced professionals. Learning Works employs a number of distinguished lecturers in various academic subjects.



Health & Social Care

The Health and Social Care sectors in Malta require dedicated professionals who are compassionate, caring and qualified to tend to the elderly and those with special needs.


Malta’s leaders are ambitious and entrepreneurial, their headstrong attitude is what helps them to climb the ladder of success with both sensitivity and determination. The best way to become a good leader  is to learn from one.

Catering & Hospitality

Malta’s entertainment industry is soaring, with locals and visitors to the country constantly looking to have a good time, properly trained restaurant servers, hotel staff and other hospitality professionals  are always in high demand.

Sports & Leisure

The Sport and Leisure industries have seen substantial and diverse growth over the past years creating the need and myriad opportunities for individuals ready to take their career to the next level.

Language Courses

Communication is key in any professional’s life therefore confidence in language is of utmost importance. Language courses that tailor to students’ needs in both English and Maltese are the best way to improve skills in communication and understanding.


The skills and insight required in a number of sectors and industries are ever-changing. We are constantly researching the areas for which training is required and requested. Watch out for new courses available  –   these sessions will bring you up to speed on a plethora of industries or areas vital to local trends. 

Other Courses

The skills and insight required in a number of sectors and industries are ever-changing. We are constantly researching the areas for which training is required and requested. Watch out for new courses available  –   these sessions will bring you up to speed on a plethora of industries or areas vital to local trends. 

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Our graduation ceremonies

At the end of each course Learning Works holds graduation ceremonies in which successful students are presented with their course certificate. It is also an occasion where students meet each other in a relaxed setting and mix with tutors, other members of staff as well as top Learning Works officials. We ensure that this occasion is a fitting closure to the students’ successful journey at Learning Works and maybe the start of the next one towards another educational milestone.

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