Online learning launch during the COVID-19 pandemic

Life as we know it is currently going through some foundational changes. With the widespread scare of the COVID-19 pandemic swarming the entire globe, Malta implemented immediate action to flatten the curve and protect its citizens. One of the primary action points was to close or restrict access to public space like educational centres such as schools and private facilities. 

With education being one of Malta’s most esteemed social benefits, primary, secondary and tertiary schools took to online teaching to give students the necessary exposure to maintain their development. But what about private institutions for higher learning or vocational study, institutions such as Learning Works?

Upon receiving the news of the health authority’s restrictions, Learning Works immediately took action to ensure that classes were carried on as normal and that their students’ educational progress would be maintained even though a physical classroom was not a viable solution.

Within days of the public announcement, Learning Works switched to online learning via Zoom; the globe’s current go-to online communication platform. Lecturers who were giving classes when the pandemic warnings developed, took to their computers and other technological devices to keep their classes running as efficiently and smoothly as possible. 

Some of the courses that are undergoing live online teaching solutions include the Level 1 Award in Maltese as a Foreign Language and Cultural Orientationfor non-natives to the island who are looking to integrate into society and improve their chances of employment. Other courses include the Level 3 Award in Healthcareas well as the Level 4 Advanced Award in Healthcare. Such courses are intended for healthcare professionals who are looking to improve their skills in their vocation – a line of career that we now must know how greatly important it is for society. 

Some other courses that are currently taking place online via Zoom include the Level 4 Award in Psychology for Sports and Exerciseand the Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management

Upcoming courses that will be hosted online during this period of social distancing and caution include the Level 2 Award in Maltese as a Foreign Language and Cultural Orientation, the Level 4 Award in Mental Health Support and Carethe  Level 4 Award in Nutrition for Sports and Physical Activityand the recently launched Level 5 Award in Managing Finance. Every course will be available online to ensure that all our students, current and prospective, can improve their education while staying home and staying safe. 

With online tuition comes flexibility and increased availability and possibilities to enrol in courses; and it goes without saying that quality remains the number one priority for all Learning Works courses, lecturers and students. With every course, both lecturers and students are given surveys to share their experience of the online transition. 

With such information we are better able to cater for the every need of our professionals and their classes. At Learning Works, we are currently reviewing our online strategy to provide enhanced solutions for the educational expectations of Malta’s public. Our plan is to retain a number of online courses well after the pandemic comes to an end. 

As part of our online strategy, we have just launched our online application and payment facility in order to make application and payment for online courses much easier. Applying for your desired coursescan now all be handled online, including official document uploads that may be necessary for your admission to a specific course. 

By adapting to the ‘new normal’ that we are about to experience in life, Learning Works is providing opportunity and possibilities to learn from the comfort of your own home, within your schedule while focusing on the most important aspect of your life; health, education and happiness. We aim to keep all our students engaged and excited to learn more and improve their chances in their professional life. 

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