Get an MSc in International Sports Coaching with Learning Works

Sports coaching is all about rapport. It’s about the relationship an athlete has with their coach and the respect, trust and amicable targets that you want to achieve together. Finding improved techniques to deliver the best coaching to your team of athletes is what will allow you to stand out from the rest.

The Learning Works MSc in International Sports Coaching on offer in collaboration with the Liverpool John Moores University is a course that will enlighten aspiring to reach their full potential as beacons of motivation for the teams that they train and support.

The science of coaching will be explored through a blended learning approach where online support, practical sessions and even celebrity guest mentoring will encourage the coaches of the future to be the best they can be. This course has the potential to shape the future of sports and with the structure, creativity and most importantly passion for sportsmanship that it inspires, will encourage all graduated Sports Coaches to be the best they can be for their team’s growth.

How can you benefit from the MSc in International Sports Coaching?

This Master’s programme is a partner project with Liverpool John Moores University and aspires to be the go-to learning destination for all those looking to achieve great things through their coaching in sports. Every sports person relies on their coach, even blindly at times, so making sure that your leadership techniques and practices are always in key is a great responsibility for the development of your football stars, basketball champions, swimming legends and all the other go-getters out there.

Throughout the course you will learn all the key disciplines required to become a successful and inspiring sports coach. During the course you will learn:

  • improved coaching philosophies and relationships that will strengthen your dynamic with the players and athletes you are training,
  • the best ways to explain tactics and techniques to your team so as to ensure that all information is clearly translated,
  • new techniques and methods in successfully training your teams with the best possible tactics that will allow them to succeed and develop their skills,
  • how to manage team psychology, from emotional struggle to encouraging humility and determination through every win or loss as well as
  • strengthen the development of skills in athletes as they age, train and mature in their sport and how best to nurture positive coaching results.

This coaching programme at Master’s level is delivered online for theoretical study through correspondence with the Liverpool John Moores University as well as with practical sessions in Malta  for hands-on training and coaching sessions. This course will allow you to benefit from a world of knowledge and understanding into a field of sports that can bring out the best in every sports person!

Why should you enroll in Learning Works sports coaching course?

There are plenty of reasons to join the Liverpool John Moores MSc in International Sports Coaching offered by Learning Works; and as seen above throughout the course you will learn a myriad of golden lessons to ensure that the athletes you coach will learn life lessons that will guide them throughout their sports careers. Whether they choose to continue their sport as a professional or keep that passion alive just for the fun of it; your influence on their path plays a huge role.

Therefore the main perk of enrolling in the Learning Works MSc in International Sports Coaching is to be a mentor that inspires greatness with every win, loss or draw.

As a sports coach you will be the guiding support and inspiration to a number of sportspeople in your life. Their faith and trust in you will be based on the discipline, technique, ambition, team spirit and determination that you instill in them. If you want to be a better sports coach and learn the fundamentals into mentoring the best players into prime athletes, contact Learning Works today to secure your spot on the MSc in International Sports Coaching.

Learning Works offers a range of sport-related programmes. It is also involved in the setting up of the first private independent sport secondary and post-secondary school in Malta – The Mediteterranean College of Sport ( https://mcs.edu.mt).


Have a look at this short video clip capturing the essence of the Malta teaching sessions delivered by LJMU staff and held one week each semester in November and February.

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