Studying and working in Malta – the island of opportunity

Malta is a hub for culture, entertainment and a great spot to soak in the sun – but did you know that Malta is a great location for learning holidays that may lead the way to your next career move?

Malta is a small yet bountiful island in the heart of the Mediterranean and with the great historical value and nightlife it presents, the reasons to visit Malta are endless. Turning such a paradise location to your temporary country of residence requires a little bit more than days at the beach and trips to heritage sites though, why not take a look at the vast opportunities of studying and working in Malta by means of the Learning Works.


Learning Works is a registered Further Education insitution that focuses on vocational training in the healthcare, food and beverage, hospitality, property and construction, language-learning, management as well as the media and technology industries – sharing knowledge acquired throughout the years with eager students looking to improve their repertoire and work possibilities. Learning Works is an entity that branches from Vassallo Group; a 73-year old company with roots in many different sectors on the island of Malta. Ranging from vocational industries such as the healthcare sector via CareMalta and the construction business through Vassallo Builders as well as Catering through CaterEssence,  the Group is determined to provide quality and peace of mind to its robust demographic.

In order to be the best at what you do, you need to learn from the best! Now who better to learn from than pioneers who revolutionised local industries? The inspiring team behind the Learning Works courses are qualified professionals whose passion and devotion to the industry is contagious. Their bespoke courses are set at equipping all enrolled students with skills aimed at success in the workplace.

Improving your industry knowledge with tailored training courses increases your chances for employment opportunities. Learning Works promotes flexible and accommodating schedules that allow students to take on part time working hours related to their choice of profession. Furthermore, Vassallo Group are determined to enrich their workforce with the greatest trained professionals in the industry – those mentored under Learning Works tutors of course!

All  courses are delivered in English, so as to cater to international students looking to improve their skills and seek employment on Maltese shores. EU residents  as well as non-EU citizens  are encouraged to delve deeper into their professions by developing their skills and broadening their career options.

There’s no need to hesitate, the opportunities are endless with Learning Works so find the best course for you and commit yourself to excellence .

For further information send email  to [email protected] or call (+356 22584219). You may also visit our facebook page   

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