Dementia Care: how to nurture memory

Our memories shape the way we live our lives. From good memories to bad ones, there are a few that stick to our psyche and others that we forget, or even choose to forget. However, some aspects of memory loss are far more sensitive and could require medical and psychological treatment.

Dementia care is one of the most vital treatments needed for the elderly over 65, and in certain cases younger patients with early-onset dementia targeting those between 30-50 years of age. According to WHO, there are approximately 50 million people diagnosed with dementia, with Alzheimer’s contributing to a large sum of these clinical diagnoses. 

Learning the most forward-thinking approaches to memory care is essential for those who are already involved in the treatment and maintenance of dementia patients. Learning such skills is also valuable for those who are looking to improve their skills and competences in the care of the elderly.

Learning Works has modelled a course that explores the criteria needed to give support to patients suffering from dementia, as well as their families – the MQF Level 4 Award in Dementia Care is a 6-month course accredited by the Malta Further and Higher Education Authority. It also strengthens your confidence and know-how in standard and new age treatment methods.

The Learning Works Award in Dementia Care covers aspects such identification of dementia, assessment and diagnosis of dementia, communication, interaction, intervention (both pharmacological and non-pharmacological) as well as person-centred care that deals with the quality, diversity and inclusion within a dementia care facility.

These tools and techniques are aimed to equip individual carers with the confidence to treat individuals suffering from dementia allowing them the respect and reassurance they need to battle or maintain their condition.

With a global yearly increase of 10 million cases of dementia diagnosis per year, and 7000+ locally, in Malta; gaining knowledge and expertise in the industry can greatly benefit the wellbeing of our population, now and in the future.

Tuning into your inherent skills to tend to and care for others is how we, as human beings, can help improve the standards in society, and even more so, the medical care sector. Our innate need to provide comfort to others is a devotion that healthcare professionals gracefully commit their lives to. These skills require training, exposure and understanding and can all be achieved through the Dementia Care award delivered through Learning Works.

The Level 4 Award in Dementia Care is delivered by experienced specialists in the field and presented as interactive lectures. This course holds great emphasis on group activities, allowing students to engage with each other through discussion of best practices, assignments and even case studies. These approaches allow for streamlined transition into a care centre or home.

Requirements for this course include a keen interest in improving skills in the healthcare sector, with either 1-year experience in the industry as a care worker, or a Level 3 Award in Health Care as a starting ground in the healthcare sector. This Learning Works course is intended to strengthen the caregiving sector, providing safer, more knowledgeable and confident approaches to the treatment of dementia.

If you have the ethical calling to care for those suffering from dementia, contact Learning Works for more details on how to enrol in the Level 4 Award in Dementia Care – an essential course that nurtures memory and provides comfort to a large percentage of the population.

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