Developing Women’s Leadership Skills with Learning Works

Finding ways to stand out in this dog-eat-dog professional world may be hard. Learning how to hone in your natural skills and strengthen your pain points could set you apart in the ever growing crowd. If you are a woman looking to shine as a leader in your sector, Learning Works MQF Level 6 Award in their Women in Leadership Programme might be the path for you.

Learning how to take on a high-ranking role as a woman, requires strength, confidence and commitment, but how can you ensure you develop your leadership skills in a fruitful and beneficial way?

The Women in Leadership Programme developed by Learning Works is an opportunity for those looking to secure senior management positions, from managing director roles to C-Level ranks, the development of skills tackled during this course are intended to enrich every woman’s professional career no matter the industry or the role.

This 12 ECTS course runs over 12 months and is primarily carried out via online teaching and supplementary learning, with each of the 6 modules closed off with tasks and assignments that will improve the learning process.

The topics in this course develop disciplinary and negotiation angles, planning and time management goals and even communication and presentation skills. In high calibre positions, managers are expected to lead by example, serve as a role model to their teams and strive to communicate targets while strengthening the team. Public speaking, in turn, plays a big part in the role of a leader. Learning Works Level 5 Award in Public Speaking and Speechwriting could be a beneficial support to this course for those involved in presentations and public communication.

The Learning Works Women in Leadership Programme is intended for women looking to develop their skill and climb up the success ladder, women in leadership roles looking to perform at their optimum level and for young professional women looking to get a head start in their business career with all the skills and tools necessary in their industry.

No matter your rank or business sector, the Learning Works Women in Leadership Programme is designed to build you up as a professional leader in any line of work.

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