Equip your heart with the skills of a caregiver

Being a good caregiver is a natural trait fortunate individuals are born with but even though your heart may be in it, are your caregiving skills showing the love?

Our biggest wealth is definitely our health so gaining knowledge in the sector of healthare so it goes without saying that any form of investment in healthcare training is welcome. The healthcare industry in Malta is one that has blossomed into a professional outlet for the elderly to write home about. The need for professional caretakers on the island has led NCHFE-accredited Learning Works to provide a Level 4 Award in Advanced Healthcare course tailored to this vocation.

Built on a solid foundation of  over 25 years in the healthcare industry, Learning Works, a member of the Vassallo Group, are devoted to the compassionate and rewarding vocation of care taking. Our expertise in the field has been recognized by City and Guilds to entrust the title of sole provider for the healthcare courses their school embodies. Offering opening courses such as City and Guilds Diploma in Healthcare and the City and Guilds Specialist Diploma in Healthcare to all those who aspire to serve in this sector. 

That said, the Level 4 Award in Advanced Healthcare requires a preliminary foundation of knowledge that can be achieved through the Diploma and Specialist Diploma courses offered by Learning Works. The Advanced Healthcare course equips already qualified professionals with in-depth knowledge in the healthcare industry. Take Adiel Micallef’s advice;

“I always loved the healthcare sector. I’m young and still learning, but the course really guided me on how to deal with older people who are more vulnerable, to sit down and listen when they are lonely and to be patient.”

This course is developed for current carers to fully enable themselves into providing high quality care that tends to the elderly’s needs. The increased knowledge will allow candidates to access vocational work fit for only the best. So whether students work as social care assistants or as care assistants in residential or domiciliary settings, their career will skyrocket in the industry, hopefully even inspiring successful students to aim for managerial jobs within the industry. 

The course requires 120 contact hours and stretches over a 5-month period that is tailored around the hectic modern lifestyle encouraging young adults to strive for success. The jam-packed syllabus takes on the many angles of the profession and equips students with knowledge and a can-do attitude. By the end of this course all who graduate are sure to adopt an emotionally intelligent approach to caregiving based on the principles of support and care. Further information you may send an  email to [email protected]or call +356 21432333 ext 219. You may also visit our website caremltacademy.wpengine.com

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