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A Level 6 Award for Women in Management: Taking Authority in a Leadership Role

Every leadership role comes with its challenges, from the authoritative command of the role to the balance of flexibility and understanding required to play the managerial role fairly. Finding the sweet points between encouraging your team to perform and meet company standards while  evoking a healthy working environment can be a difficult task, but at the end of the day it’s all got to do with confidence.


The Learning Works Women in Leadership course is an MQF Level 6 Award that allows women of managerial status to strengthen their ability to lead their team with confidence, prowess and determination to succeed as a team. While the workplace is making room for employment equality, there are still a number of additional challenges that women face as leaders in business; at Learning Works we believe that roles should be filled based on experiences and achievements and make it our mission to provide courses that may lead to a fair and balanced workforce.


Through this programme women who are either currently in a managerial role or seeking employment in a leadership position will gain the insight necessary to succeed as a team leader, manager or any other high-ranking job that requires self awareness of leadership style, strategic communication skills and effective networking within and for a company.

What can you learn from the Level 6 Women in Leadership programme at Learning Works?

This unique course offered by Learning Works is specialised on women in management and is brought to students through a blended learning approach to ensure all applicants experience the full benefits of the course. From face-to-face learning (20%) to online sessions (80%) our local specialists and foreign specialists will guide learners throughout their journeys at acquiring the knowledge and strengthening the skills necessary to be a good leader.


At Learning Works some of our key players at Boardroom Level are women in leadership roles, and in developing this Level 6 course, their first-hand experiences, challenges and achievements were used as a model to generate success in future leading women.


Our focus on delivering this course is in creating an attainable target for women leadership by addressing the key study points that can improve the performance of women leaders in business such as:

  • effective communication approaches, from verbal, visual and non verbal cues to presentation skills,
  • honing in on critical thinking strategies and evaluating reports, documents and other knowledge points,
  • putting into effect formulated action plans with vision and development potential as well as,
  • analysing social behaviour in the workplace to best articulate a healthy working environment based on equity and current needs.


The full syllabus can be accessed directly on Learning Works website where you can also secure your place on the next course.

Hone in on your skills as a Women Leader: the Learning Works Syllabus

Throughout the Level 6 Learning Works course on Women in Leadership, all qualified applicants will be assessed by assignment and presentation and will undergo training through a 6-module course where leadership style, work-life balance, communication skills and other effective tools necessary in being a good leader will feature as topics.


This Women in Leadership programem is all about discovering the skills and techniques needed to lead with confidence, specifically through the eyes of a woman leading the team to success. Highlighting the obstacles in the workplace including emotional intelligence and negotiation skills that will allow women leaders in business to steady on in their career path.


Throughout the course professional speakers from a variety of industries will share their insight and allow students to plan and forecast their business goals with a structured plan and scope. They will also guide all students on how to present a clear business case for future leadership success with their teams and place of employment.

5 reasons to join the Women Leadership course at Learning Works

Learning Works provides participants  with a platform where quality courses are delivered by professionals to help learners improve their careers. With every Learning Works course, students gain insight and confidence to an untapped market, a career path they thought was unachievable or a qualification that was only a pipeline dream.


The Level 6 Women in Leadership course by Learning Works is all that and more. It allows women who are either looking to rank up to leadership roles or who are already leading women in companies, to hone in on their natural leadership skills and provide their teams with the direction, motivation, encouragement and structure within a nurturing working environment.


After completing the Learning Works Level 6 Award in Women in Leadership, you will:


  1. communicate more effectively with your team, encouraging a clear goal and work ethic powered by encouragement and strategic planning,
  2. deliver goals based on better planning and forecasting, with the success of the company as your primary goal,
  3. hone in on the necessary skills you require to manage your team with quality as the primary target while modelling a good work-life balance,
  4. gain the confidence and self-awareness that your skills as a leader are necessary to employ 21st century techniques and practices in the workforce as well as,
  5. learn to manage a team that is driven by results, determination and success – all encouraged by you: a leading woman!


If you want to take the next steps in becoming a woman in a leadership role, or strengthening your position as a woman leading their team, get in touch with Learning Works today or visit our website for more information on how to manage a team as a successful business leader.

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