A boost in confidence and choosing the right words

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to speak to a crowd in public and the ultimate form of stage fright hit you harder than you’d expected? Maybe you’ve even needed to prepare your own speech, but found yourself struggling to find the right words and structure to deliver your message clearly and in an engaging way.

We’ve all been there. But what if we told you there’s a way to improve your stage presence and guide you into picking every word with ease and confidence?

Learning Works has developed a course specifically designed for those seeking techniques in effective public speaking, speechwriting and presentation skills. The MQF Level 5 Award in Public Speaking and Speechwriting accredited by the Malta Further and Higher Education Authority could be your one-stop-shop for all motivating communication skills delivered to the masses without a bout of the jitters.

The Level 5 Award in Public Speaking and Speechwriting course was developed with professionals in mind – from politicians to company executives, lawyers to sales professionals, managers and medical practitioners, every industry leader will be exposed to tactics to get the crowd on your side.

But it doesn’t stop there – students, this course could benefit your studies and set you apart from your peers. This course will also act as a springboard for your future professional paths, setting you up with a solid backbone for any face-to-face, and even virtual methods of communication and speech delivery. Our course will open doors for your prospective careers, whatever the industry, your newly learned skills will serve as a great gain for any hiring company.

This course is not only targeted towards professionals in any given industry, it’s also a platform to improve your confidence and give you the drive to deliver jaw-dropping speeches. Speechwriting is where it all starts, it’s quite the challenge to deliver a striking presentation, both face-to-face and online,  without the preparation skills and structure you can expect to achieve with the Public Speaking and Speechwriting course on offer through Learning Works.

Some of the skills you can look forward to nurturing include; effective communication, where you will also learn how to manage your stage fright and public anxiety. A great portion of the course will be focused on the very specifics of speech writing and presentation skills led through public speaking – this art form will be unravelled and added to your skills and competences for future success in your given industry.

When it comes to speechwriting, our techniques and approaches can be considered as a unique niche that, in our view, will greatly benefit the leaders of tomorrow. Speechwriting requires dedication, vision and flair – three aspects that you will gain through this course.

Once you’ve channeled your inner speechwriting gods, it’s time to take to the stage, where the crowd of attentive, and sometimes judgemental, listeners will expect to gain from your insight or expertise. This is when the nervous butterflies start to flutter about in your stomach, right? Well, this is also where the 4-month Learning Works course can inspire you.

Our expert professionals are equipped to draw out your natural presentation skills. This will be done with constant motivation and access to techniques, tricks and tips of the trade that will keep every viewer fixed on your next word. Gaining such characteristics will light a fire in you that can only be satisfied with your next speech or presentation. 

So if you’re hungry to captivate a crowd, eager to get your message across clearly and effectively, then the Learning Works award in Public Speaking and Speechwriting will help you sky-rocket your abilities without the drawbacks of stage fright or writer’s block.

Get in touch with one of our Learning Works experts to jump start your public presence, we’re here to give you all the motivation and confidence you need!

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