Speaking the culture; the Maltese way

When visiting a country there are a few checkpoints we like to tick off before booking tickets and landing on the new destination. If you’re hunting down the next new location to call home there are a few more pressing points to consider, like language and culture.

Malta is a great place to live; the 300+ days of sunshine, the beautiful blue sea, the friendliness of the people and the close proximity of various amenities in all cities and towns is what makes Maltese life so special. But there are also cultural elements foreigners living in Malta should learn about when living on the islands. There are also a few phrases, basic means of communication and key words newly settled locals should hope to adopt into their new life. What better way than through an inclusive Level 1 Award in Maltese Language and Cultural Orientation.  

Learning Works is an academy that focuses on stimulating the minds of those looking to increase their skills and ability in their current profession or to inspire others to aim for new and rewarding careers. No matter your career choice, if you are living in Malta, your chances of inclusion in the workplace will increase drastically with a little knowledge in the country’s language and cultural norms. 

The Level 1 Award in Maltese Language and Cultural Orientation targets individuals from different occupational paths who are looking to learn basic communication skills in Maltese for professional, social and academic purposes. All non-Maltese looking to apply for a residency permit on the island are also encouraged to look into the course. 

The course is aimed at students who are entirely new to the language and the country’s cultural twangs. There are no requirements to join in on the learning so the course will start from scratch, to make sure all applicants are on the same page. With every lesson comes a new challenge, a new titbit of information that will make living on the islands a whole lot more pleasurable. 

If you’re working in the hospitality[1] industry it might come in handy to learn the local words for dishes your restaurant serves, and if you work in construction[2] there’s a whole lot of jargon you’d rather be saying in Maltese. The same applies to other sectors. Throughout the course you’ll be learning the very basics of Maltese grammar as well as take on some local expressions that will get you through the working day. 

Cultural expressions and customs will also be highlighted in the duration of the Maltese course offered by Learning Works, where important vocabulary and correct usage of social conversation starters will give your day a whole lot more substance. You’ll be starting up conversations at work or out on the town in no time! 

To apply for this course please send an email to [email protected].

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