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Improve your Skills as in Healthcare with the Higher Diploma in Healthcare

Learning Works Higher Diploma in Healthcare is a 120 ECTS health course that is aimed directly at carers who are looking for improved skills, techniques, tools and practices in the industry. This course is also a stepping stone for those who aim to progress into Nursing Studies at Tertiary Level.

With an MQF Level of 5, this prestigious course allows carers to level up from their current Level 3 or Level 4 status and paves the way to their Level 6 degree in Nursing. The benefits of the course are plenty and the theoretical knowledge as well as practical exposure to the industry will give health carer the ability to succeed in their profession.

If you’re looking for a healthcare course that will equip you with all the necessary skills in providing health benefits to the public, take a look at the 3 major perks of Learning Works’ Higher Diploma in Healthcare:

Learn how to provide vital healthcare

Understanding the needs of a community is a skill that some caring people are born with. Learning how to accelerate your skills and provide improved healthcare to those in need is a vocation that can be facilitated with our Higher Diploma. Through the Learning Works healthcare course you will better understand:

  • aspects to medical and surgical care, together with mental health awareness and management as well as many other primary healthcare skills including paediatric, antenatal and palliative care as highlighted in the course’s Learning Outcomes.
  • empathetic and holistic approaches to managing your patient’s pain or suffering, be it physical, psychological or emotional by means of the research methods shared during the duration of your course.
  • ethical and legal factors that come into play during the course of your career as a health carer, allowing you to provide sound treatment solutions during your professional practice.

With this insight and practice you will be equipped to provide all those in your care with a fair and structured approach to healthcare while keeping their primary needs as humans in mind. The skills you will learn throughout the course will allow you to add bouts of happiness in patients’ hardest moments.

Access healthcare accreditation as you study

At Learning Works, we understand that time is of the absolute essence and that sometimes life gets in the way of our plans and dreams. Not only do we offer monthly payment schemes for the Higher Diploma in Healthcare, but this course is also designed with an Exit Awards strategy, giving enrolled caretakers the opportunity to attain certificates with every set of ECTS they achieve. The milestones can be broken down into the following accreditations:

  • 30 ECTS will translate into a Certificate in Healthcare,
  • 60 ECTS will provide a Diploma in Healthcare and
  • 120 ECTS will be awarded in the form of a Higher Diploma.

The Higher Diploma in Healthcare is assessed with an assignment and class participation and also caters for an in-built placement within a healthcare facility; putting all theoretical knowledge to the test in assigned  . The purpose of Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is to recognise and accredit knowledge, skills and competences gained by individuals through formal, non-formal, informal or experiential learning.

Enjoy this healthcare course’s blended learning approach

Accessibility is key in our modern 21st century way of life. Not only do we need to have the flexibility to meet the demands of work and life, we also need to focus on facilitating the way we do things, moving towards a new normal in both our educational and professional lives.

At Learning Works, we offer a blended programme for the Higher Diploma in Healthcare, where 40% of lectures are delivered online so as to create a more flexible learning environment. The remaining 60% of your theoretical studies will be carried out face-to-face which means that in-class lectures and practical placements will allow you to work with your peers.

In the healthcare industry, learning by doing is a major part of the role, seeing as a caretaker’s job is primarily a hands-on profession. With 480 hours of work placements in health hubs, clinical centres, and other community health outlets, students will be exposed to the true day-to-day procedures of the job, making the transition from student to vocational worker a seamless experience, ironing out any previous flaws and gaining insight on how to manage your patients in the right way.

Turn your empathy into a career in healthcare

Upon completion of the healthcare course, enrolled students will be awarded the Higher Diploma in Healthcare with an MQF Level 5 that will equip them with skills and knowledge including:

  1. increased experience in the healthcare field with the necessary skills to tend to those in need of care and medical attention,
  2. a focus on empathy, ethical rights and other humane structures that will create a more wholesome approach to caretaking,
  3. insight into a number of medical fields to broaden your understanding of the industry as a whole,
  4. step-by-step accreditation making each milestone more achievable and manageable, especially with the blended learning approach and monthly payment schemes as well as
  5. an in-depth appreciation for the industry, with a course that provides the skills allowing students to take their studies to tertiary level with prior understanding of the sector.

If you’re a care worker looking to improve your skills in the healthcare industry, take a look at the full course details for a thorough breakdown of the course syllabus as well as the entry requirements. Contact one of our education experts at Learning Works for more information on how to book your course, or simply complete the application form to enrol yourself in a health course that will allow you to advance your career in the industry.

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