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Discovering a whole new industry with a flexible Food and Beverage course

From fine dining to beach-side snack bars, the hospitality industry is surging with modern day culinary phenomenon developing every day. The competition is fierce, the menus longer than ever and the kitchens are boiling pots for creativity and taste sensations. But such tall orders need organisation, knowledge and professionalism in the industry, luckily Learning Works are ready to deliver.

The hospitality industry is increasing in popularity every single day, with vendors and eateries churning out masses of freshly prepared food on a whim. This complex industry requires much more than a functioning kitchen and a notepad to jot down orders, the Food and Beverage industry has set high standards for all restaurateurs and their staff to fully abide to. Courses such as the Level 3 Award in Professional Service in Hospitality, Food and Beverage  provided by Learning Works can help to pave the way to a fully enjoyable dining experience.

Quality of service plays a huge role in defining whether clients will return to an establishment or not, in fact the question of food quality vs restaurant service often comes into play – with a close tie each time. This qualification is granted to students whose capability in the food and beverage field excels in capacity and quality with the tailored criteria set for the course.

This vocational career is one that can open doors to a vast array of opportunities in the culinary and hospitality world. Flexibility is identified as one of the key factors to motivate our students and at Learning Works we pride ourselves on designing courses that allow all learners to study, work and manage their personal lifestyles without compromising their chances for professional success.

This specialist work-related programme of study adopted at Learning Works enhances learners’ knowledge, confidence as well as eligibility for employment and as of May 2019 – the Level 3 Award in Professional Service in Hospitality, Food and Beverage will be made available to all those job hunting in the hospitality and waiting professions.

The aim of this complex course is to provide all enrolled students with the full understanding of how a customer or guest should be approached during their experience within any given restaurant, hotel or lounge. A business-minded approach will be introduced to students to help them gain interest in the company’s bottom line.

This 120-hour course will also establish thorough character-building skills that are aimed at improving communicative technique and other techniques that are expected of a good server. The Professional Service in Hospitality, Food and Beverage course provided by Learning Works is built on tutor and learner communication where a theoretical and hands-on approach is adopted throughout the course modules.

Whether you’re looking to improve your skills at your current job or thinking of diving into a whole new adventure in the hospitality universe; your know-how is important. Enrol today by following this link: http://caremltacademy.wpengine.com/courses/catering-and-hospitality/level-3-award-in-professional-service-in-hospitality-food-beverage.

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