Open the doors to diversity; your key to performance and innovation

Diversity. A buzz word in our society that tackles the variety of characteristics present in our community. There are a number of reasons why discovering diversity potential can aid the overall performance of a company. Some of which include the understanding of different cultures, paths of life and social structures while amalgamating them into the systems and practices of a business. 

The Level 4 Award in Discovering Diversity Potential in the Workplaceon offer at Learning Worksis intended to strengthen the knowledge of theoretical and practical uses in the workforce. This 3-month course guides those individuals working as department or organisation managers to conduct their work in a smooth and culturally sensitive manner. These qualities can help managers strengthen their relationship with employees and clients. 

So whether you’re looking to establish or advance your knowledge in diversity related areas, or if you’re a professional working in management and eager to develop your skills; this course could be your solution. Understanding the best ways to cater to a diverse workforce is vital if you’re looking to promote a healthy and productive workspace for your staff to work in. A positive mindset where an employee’s cultural, ethical and social needs are taken into consideration triggers creativity, boosts a brighter mentality and instigates a ‘can-do’ attitude in your staff. Not to mention heighten innovation through cosmopolitan ideologies. 

Over the years, Malta has developed into a highly cosmopolitan melting pot where communities hailing from different lands have settled to call Malta their home. As a result, the workforce has developed into a multi-national office catering to a vast array of cultural backgrounds – all of which can contribute to their company’s success. 

A happy worker is a busy worker so investing time, as a manager or aspiring leader, in your team will lead to increased productivity for the company as a whole. This course will give students model techniques, tools and approaches to best structure diversity potential and also focuses on rewarding staff for their hard work and fruitful results. A diverse team can give a company the best results, but there are a few risks involved that should not be overlooked.

Luckily, the Level 4 course incorporates challenging aspects such as different native languages, cultural practices and different cultural techniques of conducting work into the programme. Understanding strategies on how to find a happy medium for all your employees to feel comfortable to work in will prevent inequalities and discrimination in the work place. This includes harassment and victimisation, two factors that will be viewed from a legal standpoint. Reaching quantitative targets by ensuring a working body that incorporates the qualities of both men and women while including minority groups into the workforce. 

As free-thinking individuals, we are all equipped with a variety of skills and competences that when put together can create a productive and encouraging energy that relies on teamwork and good leadership. 

The Level 4 Award in Discovering Diversity Potential in the Workplace is vital to those who want to develop their know-how in creating synergies and strategies to cope with diversity and create a welcoming and more inclusive working environment in local and international organisations. 

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