A course for improved mental health support and support

Our daily life is bombarded with external stress-inducing factors that add pressure and strain to our day-to-day practices. Wouldn’t it be great if your employers, families and friends were sensitive towards your emotional, psychological and social well-being? Wouldn’t knowing how to help those struggling with mental health issues be a lifesaving quality? Wouldn’t it also be beneficial to your own health to better understand the ins-and-outs of mental health?

As members of the 21st century’s work-fuelled community, our mental health can affect the ways we handle stress, react to our personal and professional duties and even alter the way we make choices in our everyday life. The course leading to a qualification in  Mental Health Support and Carewill be provided by Learning Works, in collaboration with Richmond Foundation. It is is aimed at equipping students with the facilities to reflect on, evaluate and improve personal and professional practices related to mental health care. 

TheLevel 4 Mental Health Support and Careis a 3-month course that results in a priceless amount of knowledge that students enrolled in the course can apply to their own lives as well as share with others battling mental health issues.

This eye-opening course will also enable professionals who are already working in the social field to be in a better position to provide effective support and care to persons with mental health issues – from children to older persons; this course has the ability to benefit society as a whole. There are numerous reasons why this course should be followed, if not for sensitivity in the workplace then for increased social awareness in our day-to-day life. 

Taking this course requires a fair amount of competence beforehand as the topics discussed deal with simple issues such as context, ethics and communication used in a professional environment together with higher caliber topics related to risk management, emergency and crisis situations as well as practical tools to help your employees get back on their feet. In order to join the course, applicant must possess a Level 3 Award in Healthcare or Social Care, a Level 3 Mental Health First Aidor a minimum of 1 year practical experience in a related field. 

Mental health is still seen as a taboo on our shores and across our borders, Learning Works and Richmond Foundation are adamant to break down the walls that restrict individuals from blossoming into confident workers empowered by self-worth and encourage a sense of inclusion into modern society.  

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