The Making of a Good Leader

Have you ever stated, with adamant passion, “If I were in charge, I would…”, followed by a series of quickly thought up solutions to annoying problems in your workplace? Well, more often than not, little problems in the office are usually sourced from even bigger problems that need a whole lot of coaching in leadership and management skills. It’s not as simple and straightforward as it may seem; but with the proper training delivered by Learning Works, office issues can eagerly be tackled no matter their size. 

Learning Works is a company firmly set on the principles of improving the workforce, strengthening employee and employer skills and encouraging healthy working environment. Due to a noticeable gap in middle management skills, Learning Works has developed a 60-credit Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Managementprogramme that trains and encourages new managers to find their path in properly running a tight, yet fair, ship. Starting in October 2019 this 18-months part time course will provide students with the necessary tools to be able to lead a team in an effective way.

The The Level 4 Award in Leadership and Management  focusing on management skills, on offer at Learning Works. This programme is set to develop skills necessary for managers to take on the demanding role they are faced with on a day-to-day basis. From management performance to planning team activity, leadership styles to dealing with customer experience and ultimately evaluating risk at the workplace, this course gets the ball rolling in a steady upward direction.

Learning all the skills necessary to become an approachable and relatable manager may sound easy but there’s a very fine line between being the fun boss your employees will crack a joke with and another employee your team will easily walk over. Being the tough boss can be hard, it can be an intimidating or uncomfortable technique for your character but finding that balance of understanding yet firm is what helps middle managers boost their careers to top, C Level management. 

Setting up meeting structures, evaluating business objectives, analysing potential company projects and monitoring workforce’s overall morale is what a great manager does for the benefit of their employer. With skills learnt throughout these two courses, increased job opportunitiesmay be on the horizon. 

Managing people is a skill in itself but learning how to properly take on the challenges a day’s work brings is an essential part of getting the job done right. These courses will guide you in the right path towards management success – bringing professionalism, positive work ethic and work-life balance to the workforce with full power. 

To apply for this course send an email to [email protected] and we will get back to you with more details.

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