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Craft your Skills as an Actor with Learning Work’s Award in Acting for Film and Television

If your passion in life is acting, with a keen interest in film and television production, Learning Works has the perfect course for you! Take your dreams to the big screen, or even the small screen with the Level 5 Award in Acting for Film and Television led by local actor Mr Malcolm Galea.


This newly added acting course is designed for actors who are looking to fulfil their calling of on-screen acting; where a series of skills and techniques will be taught through practical and theoretical study. The one-module course focuses on the relationships that actors have with their art form, looking at camera use, characterisation, script analysis and a number of additional practices that will strengthen these professional acting classes.


With a focus on reflective journaling, the budding film and television actors enrolled in Learning Works’ television acting and film acting classes are encouraged to focus on personal growth as a performer, learning the necessary skills needed to emerge onto the film and television scene with confidence, reassurance and knowledge of the industry.


Whether you are a budding actor, or a seasoned theatre actor, this Level 5 Award will open your eyes to a whole new world of acting; where your new best friend will be the camera.

What can you expect to learn?

This course is designed for actors, aspiring or established, who are looking to hone in on their skills as a set performer while learning new practices and adapting their techniques to meet the requirements of film and television. The only requirements for this course are a keen interest in channelling your inner movie star and a proficient command of the English language (C1-C2). With your drive and the course’s thorough exposure of the actor’s relationship between script, camera and set; you will learn the key skills necessary to thrive within the industry of film and television.


Throughout the course learners will be able to:

  • dedicate time to their skills as an on-screen actor with practical sessions that narrow down on the energy, focus, engagement and relationship with the cameras on set,
  • take on a practical approach to the different on-camera acting approaches,
  • put into practice the techniques learnt throughout the course’s individual and collaborative exercises as well as
  • develop personal skills as an actor; dealing with creativity, confidence and safety factors related to the industry amongst other skills.

The full syllabus for this one-module acting course is available on the Learning Works website that can be applied for directly through the registration form online.

Develop your skills with Acting Classes led by Malcom Galea

Acting is all about nurturing your natural performance skills of engaging with an audience and transmitting a clear message packed with emotion and clarity. With one of Malta’s leading actors; Malcolm Galea spearheading the course as the mentor and tutor, tricks of the trade, insight through his extensive experience and most importantly the bringing together of inner confidence and outward projection of your skills will allow you to make clear progress in the world of film and television acting. During the acting training, you will also receive guidance from local Film Directors who will share their insight and allow you to gain inside knowledge on what a film or television director is looking for!


Malcolm Galea is an actor, writer and director whose career is notable in both film and theatre. His multi-faceted understanding of the industry has led him to great success, being recognised as one of Malta’s most proficient creatives within the industry. With Malcolm Galea as the course’s mentor, making your on-set dreams a reality will be easily achieved with dedication and commitment to your craft.

Why should you enrol in Learning Works Professional Acting Classes?

Honing in on your natural acting skills and nurturing your talent with an acting training course such as Learning Work’s Level 5 Award in Acting for Film and Television is one that can take your career to the next level. With expert advice from seasoned actor Malcolm Galea together with your direct contact with industry professionals such as Film Directors, you will be able to channel your true skill as inspiration carries you to your final goals.


With this course you will access your skills to:


  1. properly conduct yourself on set in relation to camera angles, elocution and following director’s instruction,
  2. understand and apply a series of acting techniques with more confidence and ease,
  3. work alone as a solo performer or within a group for conversational or dialogue improvement,
  4. appreciate the art form of the industry together with the technical side to the sector,
  5. adapt to your surroundings in order to channel the best version of your character as an actor on both a film set or television set.

Whether your goal is to take on television acting or film acting, classes such as this prestigious Level 5 Award will mould your future, basing it solidly on professional skills and practices that are not only expected in the local industry, but also in international markets.


If you want to learn more on how you can develop your acting skills with professional acting classes delivered by local talent, get in contact with Learning Works today for more information on how to apply, or simply visit our website and register for the Award in Acting for Television and Film today! Break a leg!


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