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5 Ways Learning Works’ B.Sc. (Hons.) in Management can improve your Career

5 Ways Learning Works’ B.Sc. (Hons.) in Management can improve your Career

The level of motivation we feel in our lives has a lot to do with our capabilities, when you are looking to improve your capabilities in your career that usually means that furthering your studies is in your near future. No matter if you’re already a leader, managing a team within your company or looking to jump up a peg or two with a managerial role within your company, the B.Sc. (Hons.) in Management provided by Learning Works is the choice for you!

The Learning Works B.Sc. in Management is suitable for those who aspire to be forward thinking, fair and ambitious leaders – starting from scratch and debunking the complexities of the role, as well as those who are well-trained, well-experienced or both. No matter if you’ve held a managerial position in your professional career or not, the Learning Works B.Sc. (Hons.) in Management will open your eyes to a whole new approach to managing people, companies, finances and strategies.

The Main Learning Points of Learning Works’ B.Sc. (Hons.) in Management

This course is designed for any professional within any industry who is looking for skills in managing a company’s assets with precision, stability and creativity. Whether it’s the management of staff, the assessment of your team’s budget or the creative capabilities of accomplishing a company strategy, the Learning Works B.Sc. in Management is all about optimising your natural skills as a leader with insight and intellect.

Students who have previously read for a MQF Level Diploma in Leadership and Management will have the basis they need to further develop their skills while those starting from scratch will adapt to the course and discover their managerial potential, one module at a time.

Here are 5 ways you can improve your skills as an effective and respected leader with Learning Works’ B.Sc in Management:

Understanding & Applying Management Functions

If you’re looking to improve your management and leadership skills, understanding the in-depth factors of your industry’s functions will give you a broader perspective on how to guide a team and lead your company to success. Through this business management course you will be better able to:

  • understand the planning and organisation skills required to manage a team or a company,
  • get a better idea on choosing the right candidates to fill vacancies within your team as well as direct and manage their skill sets to the company’s benefit,
  • apply your learned skills to contexts where you will envision your team’s success as well as
  • develop better business plans that are backed by a clear perspective, critical awareness and global issues.

Learning Works’ vision of success through the B.Sc. in Management is fueled by the belief that no matter the industry, the core principles on people management, corporate culture and ethical practices are consistent throughout a vast array of industries. Context is key.

Adapting to Quality & Risk Management

Project management is a key factor of an effective leader. Learning how to oversee your team’s work, value their efforts and guide them into improving their performance is how a hard working team can thrive. Learning how to guide your team requires a number of leadership skills that you can learn through the B.Sc. in Management, including:

  • learning how to provide guidance to your team without micromanaging or intimidating your staff,
  • understanding how to evaluate someone’s work and efforts, ensuring that their commitment benefits the team and company at all times,
  • evaluating the risks and rewards while gauging the severity of an error or the value of a business feat as well as
  • finding solutions and new paths to giving your team the drive and perseverance they need to work proudly.

The B.Sc. (Hons.) in Management at Learning Works will allow you to provide the best advice to your team and see risk management as an asset to development. Practicing what you preach will always make your team believe in you. A good leader always plays fair.

Improving Marketing & Corporate Communications

Communication is where it all starts in a company; it’s the tool that we need to ensure that our goals are in line and that our paths will be successful as individuals as well as professionals in a role. Communication is also the end goal of our efforts, our conversations with our audiences through marketing efforts are the best ways to drive ROI into a company. Through the Learning Works B.Sc. in Management you will learn the following techniques:

  • the fundamentals of marketing together with the best practices and insights,
  • the ability to see your company’s messaging through your niche market’s eyes,
  • a taste of the strategic efforts your marketing teams will endure under your supervision and
  • the best ways to communicate with your team depending on their level of expertise and their corporate input in the company.

This project management course is set on giving your body of staff the drive and motivation they need with encouraging communication and productive working environments. Feeling empowered to do better always makes for a more productive team.

Monitoring Finances & Project Management

Planning is one of the most important aspects to running a tight ship. The work ethic and determination of our employees is only a reflection of the management that guides and nurtures their working environments. Another important factor is budgeting and precise allotment of money; finding a balance between keeping in budget and managing time and manpower is what will make you stand out as a leader. Improve these natural skills with Learning Works by:

  • gaining insight into the basics of economics, acquire the knowledge and skills to drive your company to economic success,
  • learning project management skills that will allow for timely success of quality projects handled by select employees and staff,
  • accepting responsibility of your role while giving your team members the opportunity to address theirs and complete their jobs with pride as well as
  • understanding the fundamentals of accounting to ensure that your budgets are always in line with company expectations.

Promoting Healthy & Productive Working Environments

With remote access, hybrid models and office working all in the cards for how your body of staff will carry out their duties, you’ll need to create a healthy and effective working environment both online and in the office. Learning to do so is made simpler with the Learning Works B.Sc. in Management, here’s how:

  • you’ll learn more about work psychology and the ‘best fit’ for each of your employees allowing them to achieve their goals successfully,
  • you’ll learn more about health management from experts within the healthcare industry to ensure that all your company’s health measurements are kept to standard,
  • you’ll learn how to mentor your staff and how to give them a learning experience while working within your company and
  • you’ll learn the benefits of listening to your staff to understand how they can better improve their skills, fill company gaps and improve the workflow in your team.

With this Learning Works course in management you will gain all the insight you need, both theoretical and practical, to be the best leader and manager of your team or company. No matter the industry, the way you will learn to deal with people and their requirements will be an anomaly made crystal clear. Enroll today to improve your natural born leadership skills.

Why should you choose Learning Works for your B.Sc. (Hons.) in Management?

If you are a motivated individual who is looking to improve your skills and capabilities in managerial roles or are looking to improve your career options with the role of a manager, this course was designed for you! With a focus on equipping enrolled students with the desired skills of a fair, honest, forward-thinking and problem-solving leader, this management course will allow you to achieve your goals.

The B.Sc. (Hons.) in Management on offer at Leaning Works is mostly delivered online (70%) and is graded by means of projects, group work, assessments and presentations where a total of 120 ECTS will be awarded upon completion of the course – this full time or part time management course also awards exit certificates for successfully completed modules. The full syllabus for this business management course is available on the Learning Works website where you can get in contact with one of our team members for more information today!

If you’re set on giving your professional career in management the boost it needs, make use of the registration form online to secure your place on the course.

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