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Graduated in MSc International Sport Coaching? Here are the Top 4 Careers for you!

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If you’re a lover of sport and want to pursue a career in coaching, sport research or sport education then the MSc in International Sport Coaching offered by Learning Works in conjunction with Liverpool John Moores University is the choice for you!

Finding the right career path to focus on takes time and effort, it usually requires years of study and research, dedication to your industry or professional skill and commitment to your journey as you develop in your roles on the job.

But most importantly, it takes passion. Being passionate about your job is fundamental to enjoying your career and finding that work-life balance that fulfills your day. Whether you’re an aspiring sport coach or an experienced sport coach looking to improve your knowledge, update your techniques and develop a higher understanding and a broader skill set, the Masters in International Sport Coaching will give you all the tools, confidence and credibility you need.

What is the MSc in International Sport Coaching?

The MSc in International Sport Coaching is a programme being offered by Learning Works in partnership with Liverpool John Moores University. This MQF Level 7 course is ideal for aspiring and established coaches looking to develop their skills and practices in the field.

The MSc in International Sport Coaching was developed by Liverpool John Moores University, one of the top 10 sport-related universities. The collaboration between Learning Works and Liverpool John Moores University can offer target candidates the opportunity to reach their coaching goals, especially due to local accessibility for Maltese students through Learning Works

This full-time (1 year) or part-time (2 years) Masters is a postgraduate qualification that will be achieved through online and face-to-face sessions in Malta by local lecturers and guest lecturers. Practical sessions will also be a priority during the course and work experience will be held in collaboration sport entities such as the  Malta Olympic Committee, Sport Malta and the Malta Football Association.

But where will all this get you? Read on to find out what career paths you could be heading on once you graduate from this insightful and interactive postgraduate degree programme:

Physical Educators

As a Physical Educator, your role as a sports coach is usually within a school setting such as the Mediterranean College of Sports, local primary schools, secondary institutions and even other facilities. Physical Education is usually a time for the young students to escape the tedious classroom routine, but can also be the first glimpse of a budding sports person’s career.

Learning Works provides the right curriculum for success in this engaging industry. With the Masters in Sport Coaching, you will be able to discover the skills and requirements to be an inspiring Physical Educator.


Whether you’re striving to be the Assistant Coach to your local basketball team or the Head Coach on a Premier League football team, this course will equip you with the knowledge and skills to pursue your career in coaching.

If you’ve ever played for a local club, you know what a huge impact a coach can have on their team. The discipline, commitment and determination is what could help your sportspeople to hone in on the skills, practices and techniques that you train them in on a weekly basis. This course will give you the confidence to coach young stars.

Coach Educators and Developers

Loving a sport and loving coaching are two separate passions for established coaches. Once you’ve won a few leagues, seen your first most valuable player make it big and experienced a few curve balls in your career, you’ll know that the lessons you’ve learned need to be passed on to younger coaches looking to inspire their teams.

If this sort of mentoring seems like an aspiration for your future, near or far, the MSc in International Sport Coaching by Liverpool John Moores University offered in conjunction with Learning Works, is the perfect sport postgraduate for you.

Researchers and Lecturers of Coaching

Your knowledge and expertise in the art of coaching will serve as inspiration and motivation to the less experienced coaches under your wing. Once the roles of educator or developer have satisfied your passion for improving coaching techniques and up-dating practices, your role as a Researcher or Lecturer of Coaching can take over as your passion in sport.

Through researching and lecturing, you will be able to set standards and innovate the future of sports with insight through your experience as a successful coach as well as a broad knowledge gained through your Masters Degree in Sport Coaching.

Through Learning Works you can achieve a MQF Level 7 accreditation from Liverpool John Moores University – setting you up for a sport career of success!

For more information on the MSc International Sport Coaching read more here. Get in touch with Learning Works to learn more about the Malta Sports Scholarship Scheme or the Tertiary Education Scholarship Scheme.

Reach Learning Works on [email protected], +356  79796667 or leave a message here.

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