English language courses at Learning Works boost your skills

English has pretty rapidly become the global language of communication around the world. Whether you need to brush up your skills for social skills or perfect your business jargon to seal a super deal, studying English as a foreign language is a great idea.

Whenever investing your money into education your choice of schooling should be entrusted in a programme with a proven track record, a world of knowledge and a legacy of success. Luckily, Learning Works can ensure all that and more with the English language courses on offer at A1, A2, B1 and B2 levels and even through a homegrown 30-hour course leading to a Level 1 (EQF/MQF) Award in the English Language. These courses are intended as supported entrance to other courses on offer at Learning Works and can also be seen as supplementary backing to your overall performance in your career.

Gaining the skills and confidence to use the lingua franca at a communicative level is a necessity for the working world, especially when working in the hospitality sector. Building your speaking skills with great vocabulary choices, interesting idioms and effective speech patterns gives you a greater chance to find and keep a job that makes you happy. The Level 3 Award in Professional Service in Hospitality, Food and Beverage on offer at Learning Works requires candidates to fully understand the English language so as to provide a thorough experience of the course. A high level of English understanding and communicative skills also encourages better performance on the job.

Living up to modern day standards, English is used as the common language all over the world so job opportunities that crop up across the globe are a whole lot more achievable, as are experiences outside your native land. The likelihood of having to speak English in a management position is massive, therefore all Level 4 Leadership and Management students are also urged to develop advanced English skills before or while taking the course.

Malta is a sunny island in the heart of the Mediterranean and holds English as one of the national languages in its multilingual society. Studying English with Learning Works proves to be a great opportunity to enjoy the perks of an English-speaking country where the sun, sea and beaches are calling your name.

Apart from learning new skills in class, practicing the English language while discovering the sites is also a great possibility. Learning Works has developed a curriculum that encourages leisurely activities where in-class techniques can be put to the test. Through their employment scheme perhaps? In studying for a diploma of any calibre within the healthcare industry, Learning Works develops a programme for graduated specialists to put their healthcare and English skills to good use while tending to their new found clients.

Learning Works’ qualified teachers class students in the best level for them; making sure every student is challenged within reach and pushed to excel through every stage of the CEFR. Classes start from A1 and progress all the way to B2. The higher levels gain professionals access to increased opportunities in course choices and job opportunities.

Learning Works employ qualified and experienced teachers to teach students of all backgrounds to learn a language that can be considered a ticket around the globe.


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