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MQF Level 7 MSc International Sport Coaching Explained

The MSc in International Sport Coaching is an MQF Level 7 Master’s programme being offered by Learning Works in partnership with Liverpool John Moores University. This 180 credit postgraduate course (UK National Qualifications Framework (NQF)) is ideal for aspiring and established coaches looking to develop their skills and practices.

Learning Works

In partnership with

Learning Works is a Further and Higher Education Institution that offers a range of courses, including those focused on sports and the sports industry. Learning Works will also be responsible for the academic programme at the. The Mediterranean College of Sport will open its doors to prospective students in 2024 and will be the first independent sport school in Malta.

The MSc in International Sport Coaching was developed by the sport experts at Liverpool John Moores University. An institution that is acclaimed as one of the top ten universities in the world in sport-related courses. The collaboration between the two educational institutions will offer target candidates with the opportunity to excel in their professional sport coaching careers.

Through the postgraduate programme, enrolled students will be better equipped with the skills to further their careers as Physical Educators, Assistant Coaches, Coaches, Head Coaches, Directors of Coaching, Coach Educators, Coach Developers, Policy Makers as well as Researchers and Lecturers of Coaching.

This full-time (1 year) or part-time (2 years) Masters will be following a blended teaching approach, where online lessons with guest lecturers and face-to-face lessons with University lecturers in Malta are held. Through seminars, workshops, discussions, taught theory and practice, this Level 7 programme equips successful students with the confidence and know-how to develop their skills in coaching. Work placements with sport-related organisations are also part of the MSc’s curriculum. For this reason Learning Works and Liverpool John Moores University collaborate with sport entitites such as Sport Malta,the Malta Football Association and the Malta Olympic Committee to secure placements for students

Here’s what Edward Caruana Dingli, one of Learning Works’ students enrolled  in the MSc International Sport Coaching had to say about his experience:

For more information on the MSc International Sport Coaching read more here. Contact Learning Works to learn more about the Malta Sports Scholarship Scheme, the Tertiary Education Scholarship Scheme and the Get Qualified Scheme.

You can visit Liverpool John Moores University website for additional details:

Get in touch today to reserve your place on the next Learning Works course. Contact us on [email protected], +356  79796667 or leave a message here.

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Graduated in MSc International Sport Coaching? Here are the Top 4 Careers for you!

Learning Works

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If you’re a lover of sport and want to pursue a career in coaching, sport research or sport education then the MSc in International Sport Coaching offered by Learning Works in conjunction with Liverpool John Moores University is the choice for you!

Finding the right career path to focus on takes time and effort, it usually requires years of study and research, dedication to your industry or professional skill and commitment to your journey as you develop in your roles on the job.

But most importantly, it takes passion. Being passionate about your job is fundamental to enjoying your career and finding that work-life balance that fulfills your day. Whether you’re an aspiring sport coach or an experienced sport coach looking to improve your knowledge, update your techniques and develop a higher understanding and a broader skill set, the Masters in International Sport Coaching will give you all the tools, confidence and credibility you need.

What is the MSc in International Sport Coaching?

The MSc in International Sport Coaching is a programme being offered by Learning Works in partnership with Liverpool John Moores University. This MQF Level 7 course is ideal for aspiring and established coaches looking to develop their skills and practices in the field.

The MSc in International Sport Coaching was developed by Liverpool John Moores University, one of the top 10 sport-related universities. The collaboration between Learning Works and Liverpool John Moores University can offer target candidates the opportunity to reach their coaching goals, especially due to local accessibility for Maltese students through Learning Works

This full-time (1 year) or part-time (2 years) Masters is a postgraduate qualification that will be achieved through online and face-to-face sessions in Malta by local lecturers and guest lecturers. Practical sessions will also be a priority during the course and work experience will be held in collaboration sport entities such as the  Malta Olympic Committee, Sport Malta and the Malta Football Association.

But where will all this get you? Read on to find out what career paths you could be heading on once you graduate from this insightful and interactive postgraduate degree programme:

Physical Educators

As a Physical Educator, your role as a sports coach is usually within a school setting such as the Mediterranean College of Sports, local primary schools, secondary institutions and even other facilities. Physical Education is usually a time for the young students to escape the tedious classroom routine, but can also be the first glimpse of a budding sports person’s career.

Learning Works provides the right curriculum for success in this engaging industry. With the Masters in Sport Coaching, you will be able to discover the skills and requirements to be an inspiring Physical Educator.


Whether you’re striving to be the Assistant Coach to your local basketball team or the Head Coach on a Premier League football team, this course will equip you with the knowledge and skills to pursue your career in coaching.

If you’ve ever played for a local club, you know what a huge impact a coach can have on their team. The discipline, commitment and determination is what could help your sportspeople to hone in on the skills, practices and techniques that you train them in on a weekly basis. This course will give you the confidence to coach young stars.

Coach Educators and Developers

Loving a sport and loving coaching are two separate passions for established coaches. Once you’ve won a few leagues, seen your first most valuable player make it big and experienced a few curve balls in your career, you’ll know that the lessons you’ve learned need to be passed on to younger coaches looking to inspire their teams.

If this sort of mentoring seems like an aspiration for your future, near or far, the MSc in International Sport Coaching by Liverpool John Moores University offered in conjunction with Learning Works, is the perfect sport postgraduate for you.

Researchers and Lecturers of Coaching

Your knowledge and expertise in the art of coaching will serve as inspiration and motivation to the less experienced coaches under your wing. Once the roles of educator or developer have satisfied your passion for improving coaching techniques and up-dating practices, your role as a Researcher or Lecturer of Coaching can take over as your passion in sport.

Through researching and lecturing, you will be able to set standards and innovate the future of sports with insight through your experience as a successful coach as well as a broad knowledge gained through your Masters Degree in Sport Coaching.

Through Learning Works you can achieve a MQF Level 7 accreditation from Liverpool John Moores University – setting you up for a sport career of success!

For more information on the MSc International Sport Coaching read more here. Get in touch with Learning Works to learn more about the Malta Sports Scholarship Scheme or the Tertiary Education Scholarship Scheme.

Reach Learning Works on [email protected], +356  79796667 or leave a message here.

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5 Ways Learning Works’ B.Sc. (Hons.) in Management can improve your Career

5 Ways Learning Works’ B.Sc. (Hons.) in Management can improve your Career

The level of motivation we feel in our lives has a lot to do with our capabilities, when you are looking to improve your capabilities in your career that usually means that furthering your studies is in your near future. No matter if you’re already a leader, managing a team within your company or looking to jump up a peg or two with a managerial role within your company, the B.Sc. (Hons.) in Management provided by Learning Works is the choice for you!

The Learning Works B.Sc. in Management is suitable for those who aspire to be forward thinking, fair and ambitious leaders – starting from scratch and debunking the complexities of the role, as well as those who are well-trained, well-experienced or both. No matter if you’ve held a managerial position in your professional career or not, the Learning Works B.Sc. (Hons.) in Management will open your eyes to a whole new approach to managing people, companies, finances and strategies.

The Main Learning Points of Learning Works’ B.Sc. (Hons.) in Management

This course is designed for any professional within any industry who is looking for skills in managing a company’s assets with precision, stability and creativity. Whether it’s the management of staff, the assessment of your team’s budget or the creative capabilities of accomplishing a company strategy, the Learning Works B.Sc. in Management is all about optimising your natural skills as a leader with insight and intellect.

Students who have previously read for a MQF Level Diploma in Leadership and Management will have the basis they need to further develop their skills while those starting from scratch will adapt to the course and discover their managerial potential, one module at a time.

Here are 5 ways you can improve your skills as an effective and respected leader with Learning Works’ B.Sc in Management:

Understanding & Applying Management Functions

If you’re looking to improve your management and leadership skills, understanding the in-depth factors of your industry’s functions will give you a broader perspective on how to guide a team and lead your company to success. Through this business management course you will be better able to:

  • understand the planning and organisation skills required to manage a team or a company,
  • get a better idea on choosing the right candidates to fill vacancies within your team as well as direct and manage their skill sets to the company’s benefit,
  • apply your learned skills to contexts where you will envision your team’s success as well as
  • develop better business plans that are backed by a clear perspective, critical awareness and global issues.

Learning Works’ vision of success through the B.Sc. in Management is fueled by the belief that no matter the industry, the core principles on people management, corporate culture and ethical practices are consistent throughout a vast array of industries. Context is key.

Adapting to Quality & Risk Management

Project management is a key factor of an effective leader. Learning how to oversee your team’s work, value their efforts and guide them into improving their performance is how a hard working team can thrive. Learning how to guide your team requires a number of leadership skills that you can learn through the B.Sc. in Management, including:

  • learning how to provide guidance to your team without micromanaging or intimidating your staff,
  • understanding how to evaluate someone’s work and efforts, ensuring that their commitment benefits the team and company at all times,
  • evaluating the risks and rewards while gauging the severity of an error or the value of a business feat as well as
  • finding solutions and new paths to giving your team the drive and perseverance they need to work proudly.

The B.Sc. (Hons.) in Management at Learning Works will allow you to provide the best advice to your team and see risk management as an asset to development. Practicing what you preach will always make your team believe in you. A good leader always plays fair.

Improving Marketing & Corporate Communications

Communication is where it all starts in a company; it’s the tool that we need to ensure that our goals are in line and that our paths will be successful as individuals as well as professionals in a role. Communication is also the end goal of our efforts, our conversations with our audiences through marketing efforts are the best ways to drive ROI into a company. Through the Learning Works B.Sc. in Management you will learn the following techniques:

  • the fundamentals of marketing together with the best practices and insights,
  • the ability to see your company’s messaging through your niche market’s eyes,
  • a taste of the strategic efforts your marketing teams will endure under your supervision and
  • the best ways to communicate with your team depending on their level of expertise and their corporate input in the company.

This project management course is set on giving your body of staff the drive and motivation they need with encouraging communication and productive working environments. Feeling empowered to do better always makes for a more productive team.

Monitoring Finances & Project Management

Planning is one of the most important aspects to running a tight ship. The work ethic and determination of our employees is only a reflection of the management that guides and nurtures their working environments. Another important factor is budgeting and precise allotment of money; finding a balance between keeping in budget and managing time and manpower is what will make you stand out as a leader. Improve these natural skills with Learning Works by:

  • gaining insight into the basics of economics, acquire the knowledge and skills to drive your company to economic success,
  • learning project management skills that will allow for timely success of quality projects handled by select employees and staff,
  • accepting responsibility of your role while giving your team members the opportunity to address theirs and complete their jobs with pride as well as
  • understanding the fundamentals of accounting to ensure that your budgets are always in line with company expectations.

Promoting Healthy & Productive Working Environments

With remote access, hybrid models and office working all in the cards for how your body of staff will carry out their duties, you’ll need to create a healthy and effective working environment both online and in the office. Learning to do so is made simpler with the Learning Works B.Sc. in Management, here’s how:

  • you’ll learn more about work psychology and the ‘best fit’ for each of your employees allowing them to achieve their goals successfully,
  • you’ll learn more about health management from experts within the healthcare industry to ensure that all your company’s health measurements are kept to standard,
  • you’ll learn how to mentor your staff and how to give them a learning experience while working within your company and
  • you’ll learn the benefits of listening to your staff to understand how they can better improve their skills, fill company gaps and improve the workflow in your team.

With this Learning Works course in management you will gain all the insight you need, both theoretical and practical, to be the best leader and manager of your team or company. No matter the industry, the way you will learn to deal with people and their requirements will be an anomaly made crystal clear. Enroll today to improve your natural born leadership skills.

Why should you choose Learning Works for your B.Sc. (Hons.) in Management?

If you are a motivated individual who is looking to improve your skills and capabilities in managerial roles or are looking to improve your career options with the role of a manager, this course was designed for you! With a focus on equipping enrolled students with the desired skills of a fair, honest, forward-thinking and problem-solving leader, this management course will allow you to achieve your goals.

The B.Sc. (Hons.) in Management on offer at Leaning Works is mostly delivered online (70%) and is graded by means of projects, group work, assessments and presentations where a total of 120 ECTS will be awarded upon completion of the course – this full time or part time management course also awards exit certificates for successfully completed modules. The full syllabus for this business management course is available on the Learning Works website where you can get in contact with one of our team members for more information today!

If you’re set on giving your professional career in management the boost it needs, make use of the registration form online to secure your place on the course.

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A Level 6 Award for Women in Management: Taking Authority in a Leadership Role

Every leadership role comes with its challenges, from the authoritative command of the role to the balance of flexibility and understanding required to play the managerial role fairly. Finding the sweet points between encouraging your team to perform and meet company standards while  evoking a healthy working environment can be a difficult task, but at the end of the day it’s all got to do with confidence.


The Learning Works Women in Leadership course is an MQF Level 6 Award that allows women of managerial status to strengthen their ability to lead their team with confidence, prowess and determination to succeed as a team. While the workplace is making room for employment equality, there are still a number of additional challenges that women face as leaders in business; at Learning Works we believe that roles should be filled based on experiences and achievements and make it our mission to provide courses that may lead to a fair and balanced workforce.


Through this programme women who are either currently in a managerial role or seeking employment in a leadership position will gain the insight necessary to succeed as a team leader, manager or any other high-ranking job that requires self awareness of leadership style, strategic communication skills and effective networking within and for a company.

What can you learn from the Level 6 Women in Leadership programme at Learning Works?

This unique course offered by Learning Works is specialised on women in management and is brought to students through a blended learning approach to ensure all applicants experience the full benefits of the course. From face-to-face learning (20%) to online sessions (80%) our local specialists and foreign specialists will guide learners throughout their journeys at acquiring the knowledge and strengthening the skills necessary to be a good leader.


At Learning Works some of our key players at Boardroom Level are women in leadership roles, and in developing this Level 6 course, their first-hand experiences, challenges and achievements were used as a model to generate success in future leading women.


Our focus on delivering this course is in creating an attainable target for women leadership by addressing the key study points that can improve the performance of women leaders in business such as:

  • effective communication approaches, from verbal, visual and non verbal cues to presentation skills,
  • honing in on critical thinking strategies and evaluating reports, documents and other knowledge points,
  • putting into effect formulated action plans with vision and development potential as well as,
  • analysing social behaviour in the workplace to best articulate a healthy working environment based on equity and current needs.


The full syllabus can be accessed directly on Learning Works website where you can also secure your place on the next course.

Hone in on your skills as a Women Leader: the Learning Works Syllabus

Throughout the Level 6 Learning Works course on Women in Leadership, all qualified applicants will be assessed by assignment and presentation and will undergo training through a 6-module course where leadership style, work-life balance, communication skills and other effective tools necessary in being a good leader will feature as topics.


This Women in Leadership programem is all about discovering the skills and techniques needed to lead with confidence, specifically through the eyes of a woman leading the team to success. Highlighting the obstacles in the workplace including emotional intelligence and negotiation skills that will allow women leaders in business to steady on in their career path.


Throughout the course professional speakers from a variety of industries will share their insight and allow students to plan and forecast their business goals with a structured plan and scope. They will also guide all students on how to present a clear business case for future leadership success with their teams and place of employment.

5 reasons to join the Women Leadership course at Learning Works

Learning Works provides participants  with a platform where quality courses are delivered by professionals to help learners improve their careers. With every Learning Works course, students gain insight and confidence to an untapped market, a career path they thought was unachievable or a qualification that was only a pipeline dream.


The Level 6 Women in Leadership course by Learning Works is all that and more. It allows women who are either looking to rank up to leadership roles or who are already leading women in companies, to hone in on their natural leadership skills and provide their teams with the direction, motivation, encouragement and structure within a nurturing working environment.


After completing the Learning Works Level 6 Award in Women in Leadership, you will:


  1. communicate more effectively with your team, encouraging a clear goal and work ethic powered by encouragement and strategic planning,
  2. deliver goals based on better planning and forecasting, with the success of the company as your primary goal,
  3. hone in on the necessary skills you require to manage your team with quality as the primary target while modelling a good work-life balance,
  4. gain the confidence and self-awareness that your skills as a leader are necessary to employ 21st century techniques and practices in the workforce as well as,
  5. learn to manage a team that is driven by results, determination and success – all encouraged by you: a leading woman!


If you want to take the next steps in becoming a woman in a leadership role, or strengthening your position as a woman leading their team, get in touch with Learning Works today or visit our website for more information on how to manage a team as a successful business leader.

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Get an MSc in International Sports Coaching with Learning Works

Sports coaching is all about rapport. It’s about the relationship an athlete has with their coach and the respect, trust and amicable targets that you want to achieve together. Finding improved techniques to deliver the best coaching to your team of athletes is what will allow you to stand out from the rest.

The Learning Works MSc in International Sports Coaching on offer in collaboration with the Liverpool John Moores University is a course that will enlighten aspiring to reach their full potential as beacons of motivation for the teams that they train and support.

The science of coaching will be explored through a blended learning approach where online support, practical sessions and even celebrity guest mentoring will encourage the coaches of the future to be the best they can be. This course has the potential to shape the future of sports and with the structure, creativity and most importantly passion for sportsmanship that it inspires, will encourage all graduated Sports Coaches to be the best they can be for their team’s growth.

How can you benefit from the MSc in International Sports Coaching?

This Master’s programme is a partner project with Liverpool John Moores University and aspires to be the go-to learning destination for all those looking to achieve great things through their coaching in sports. Every sports person relies on their coach, even blindly at times, so making sure that your leadership techniques and practices are always in key is a great responsibility for the development of your football stars, basketball champions, swimming legends and all the other go-getters out there.

Throughout the course you will learn all the key disciplines required to become a successful and inspiring sports coach. During the course you will learn:

  • improved coaching philosophies and relationships that will strengthen your dynamic with the players and athletes you are training,
  • the best ways to explain tactics and techniques to your team so as to ensure that all information is clearly translated,
  • new techniques and methods in successfully training your teams with the best possible tactics that will allow them to succeed and develop their skills,
  • how to manage team psychology, from emotional struggle to encouraging humility and determination through every win or loss as well as
  • strengthen the development of skills in athletes as they age, train and mature in their sport and how best to nurture positive coaching results.

This coaching programme at Master’s level is delivered online for theoretical study through correspondence with the Liverpool John Moores University as well as with practical sessions in Malta  for hands-on training and coaching sessions. This course will allow you to benefit from a world of knowledge and understanding into a field of sports that can bring out the best in every sports person!

Why should you enroll in Learning Works sports coaching course?

There are plenty of reasons to join the Liverpool John Moores MSc in International Sports Coaching offered by Learning Works; and as seen above throughout the course you will learn a myriad of golden lessons to ensure that the athletes you coach will learn life lessons that will guide them throughout their sports careers. Whether they choose to continue their sport as a professional or keep that passion alive just for the fun of it; your influence on their path plays a huge role.

Therefore the main perk of enrolling in the Learning Works MSc in International Sports Coaching is to be a mentor that inspires greatness with every win, loss or draw.

As a sports coach you will be the guiding support and inspiration to a number of sportspeople in your life. Their faith and trust in you will be based on the discipline, technique, ambition, team spirit and determination that you instill in them. If you want to be a better sports coach and learn the fundamentals into mentoring the best players into prime athletes, contact Learning Works today to secure your spot on the MSc in International Sports Coaching.

Learning Works offers a range of sport-related programmes. It is also involved in the setting up of the first private independent sport secondary and post-secondary school in Malta – The Mediteterranean College of Sport (


Have a look at this short video clip capturing the essence of the Malta teaching sessions delivered by LJMU staff and held one week each semester in November and February.

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Craft your Skills as an Actor with Learning Work’s Award in Acting for Film and Television

If your passion in life is acting, with a keen interest in film and television production, Learning Works has the perfect course for you! Take your dreams to the big screen, or even the small screen with the Level 5 Award in Acting for Film and Television led by local actor Mr Malcolm Galea.


This newly added acting course is designed for actors who are looking to fulfil their calling of on-screen acting; where a series of skills and techniques will be taught through practical and theoretical study. The one-module course focuses on the relationships that actors have with their art form, looking at camera use, characterisation, script analysis and a number of additional practices that will strengthen these professional acting classes.


With a focus on reflective journaling, the budding film and television actors enrolled in Learning Works’ television acting and film acting classes are encouraged to focus on personal growth as a performer, learning the necessary skills needed to emerge onto the film and television scene with confidence, reassurance and knowledge of the industry.


Whether you are a budding actor, or a seasoned theatre actor, this Level 5 Award will open your eyes to a whole new world of acting; where your new best friend will be the camera.

What can you expect to learn?

This course is designed for actors, aspiring or established, who are looking to hone in on their skills as a set performer while learning new practices and adapting their techniques to meet the requirements of film and television. The only requirements for this course are a keen interest in channelling your inner movie star and a proficient command of the English language (C1-C2). With your drive and the course’s thorough exposure of the actor’s relationship between script, camera and set; you will learn the key skills necessary to thrive within the industry of film and television.


Throughout the course learners will be able to:

  • dedicate time to their skills as an on-screen actor with practical sessions that narrow down on the energy, focus, engagement and relationship with the cameras on set,
  • take on a practical approach to the different on-camera acting approaches,
  • put into practice the techniques learnt throughout the course’s individual and collaborative exercises as well as
  • develop personal skills as an actor; dealing with creativity, confidence and safety factors related to the industry amongst other skills.

The full syllabus for this one-module acting course is available on the Learning Works website that can be applied for directly through the registration form online.

Develop your skills with Acting Classes led by Malcom Galea

Acting is all about nurturing your natural performance skills of engaging with an audience and transmitting a clear message packed with emotion and clarity. With one of Malta’s leading actors; Malcolm Galea spearheading the course as the mentor and tutor, tricks of the trade, insight through his extensive experience and most importantly the bringing together of inner confidence and outward projection of your skills will allow you to make clear progress in the world of film and television acting. During the acting training, you will also receive guidance from local Film Directors who will share their insight and allow you to gain inside knowledge on what a film or television director is looking for!


Malcolm Galea is an actor, writer and director whose career is notable in both film and theatre. His multi-faceted understanding of the industry has led him to great success, being recognised as one of Malta’s most proficient creatives within the industry. With Malcolm Galea as the course’s mentor, making your on-set dreams a reality will be easily achieved with dedication and commitment to your craft.

Why should you enrol in Learning Works Professional Acting Classes?

Honing in on your natural acting skills and nurturing your talent with an acting training course such as Learning Work’s Level 5 Award in Acting for Film and Television is one that can take your career to the next level. With expert advice from seasoned actor Malcolm Galea together with your direct contact with industry professionals such as Film Directors, you will be able to channel your true skill as inspiration carries you to your final goals.


With this course you will access your skills to:


  1. properly conduct yourself on set in relation to camera angles, elocution and following director’s instruction,
  2. understand and apply a series of acting techniques with more confidence and ease,
  3. work alone as a solo performer or within a group for conversational or dialogue improvement,
  4. appreciate the art form of the industry together with the technical side to the sector,
  5. adapt to your surroundings in order to channel the best version of your character as an actor on both a film set or television set.

Whether your goal is to take on television acting or film acting, classes such as this prestigious Level 5 Award will mould your future, basing it solidly on professional skills and practices that are not only expected in the local industry, but also in international markets.


If you want to learn more on how you can develop your acting skills with professional acting classes delivered by local talent, get in contact with Learning Works today for more information on how to apply, or simply visit our website and register for the Award in Acting for Television and Film today! Break a leg!


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Improve your Skills as in Healthcare with the Higher Diploma in Healthcare

Learning Works Higher Diploma in Healthcare is a 120 ECTS health course that is aimed directly at carers who are looking for improved skills, techniques, tools and practices in the industry. This course is also a stepping stone for those who aim to progress into Nursing Studies at Tertiary Level.

With an MQF Level of 5, this prestigious course allows carers to level up from their current Level 3 or Level 4 status and paves the way to their Level 6 degree in Nursing. The benefits of the course are plenty and the theoretical knowledge as well as practical exposure to the industry will give health carer the ability to succeed in their profession.

If you’re looking for a healthcare course that will equip you with all the necessary skills in providing health benefits to the public, take a look at the 3 major perks of Learning Works’ Higher Diploma in Healthcare:

Learn how to provide vital healthcare

Understanding the needs of a community is a skill that some caring people are born with. Learning how to accelerate your skills and provide improved healthcare to those in need is a vocation that can be facilitated with our Higher Diploma. Through the Learning Works healthcare course you will better understand:

  • aspects to medical and surgical care, together with mental health awareness and management as well as many other primary healthcare skills including paediatric, antenatal and palliative care as highlighted in the course’s Learning Outcomes.
  • empathetic and holistic approaches to managing your patient’s pain or suffering, be it physical, psychological or emotional by means of the research methods shared during the duration of your course.
  • ethical and legal factors that come into play during the course of your career as a health carer, allowing you to provide sound treatment solutions during your professional practice.

With this insight and practice you will be equipped to provide all those in your care with a fair and structured approach to healthcare while keeping their primary needs as humans in mind. The skills you will learn throughout the course will allow you to add bouts of happiness in patients’ hardest moments.

Access healthcare accreditation as you study

At Learning Works, we understand that time is of the absolute essence and that sometimes life gets in the way of our plans and dreams. Not only do we offer monthly payment schemes for the Higher Diploma in Healthcare, but this course is also designed with an Exit Awards strategy, giving enrolled caretakers the opportunity to attain certificates with every set of ECTS they achieve. The milestones can be broken down into the following accreditations:

  • 30 ECTS will translate into a Certificate in Healthcare,
  • 60 ECTS will provide a Diploma in Healthcare and
  • 120 ECTS will be awarded in the form of a Higher Diploma.

The Higher Diploma in Healthcare is assessed with an assignment and class participation and also caters for an in-built placement within a healthcare facility; putting all theoretical knowledge to the test in assigned  . The purpose of Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is to recognise and accredit knowledge, skills and competences gained by individuals through formal, non-formal, informal or experiential learning.

Enjoy this healthcare course’s blended learning approach

Accessibility is key in our modern 21st century way of life. Not only do we need to have the flexibility to meet the demands of work and life, we also need to focus on facilitating the way we do things, moving towards a new normal in both our educational and professional lives.

At Learning Works, we offer a blended programme for the Higher Diploma in Healthcare, where 40% of lectures are delivered online so as to create a more flexible learning environment. The remaining 60% of your theoretical studies will be carried out face-to-face which means that in-class lectures and practical placements will allow you to work with your peers.

In the healthcare industry, learning by doing is a major part of the role, seeing as a caretaker’s job is primarily a hands-on profession. With 480 hours of work placements in health hubs, clinical centres, and other community health outlets, students will be exposed to the true day-to-day procedures of the job, making the transition from student to vocational worker a seamless experience, ironing out any previous flaws and gaining insight on how to manage your patients in the right way.

Turn your empathy into a career in healthcare

Upon completion of the healthcare course, enrolled students will be awarded the Higher Diploma in Healthcare with an MQF Level 5 that will equip them with skills and knowledge including:

  1. increased experience in the healthcare field with the necessary skills to tend to those in need of care and medical attention,
  2. a focus on empathy, ethical rights and other humane structures that will create a more wholesome approach to caretaking,
  3. insight into a number of medical fields to broaden your understanding of the industry as a whole,
  4. step-by-step accreditation making each milestone more achievable and manageable, especially with the blended learning approach and monthly payment schemes as well as
  5. an in-depth appreciation for the industry, with a course that provides the skills allowing students to take their studies to tertiary level with prior understanding of the sector.

If you’re a care worker looking to improve your skills in the healthcare industry, take a look at the full course details for a thorough breakdown of the course syllabus as well as the entry requirements. Contact one of our education experts at Learning Works for more information on how to book your course, or simply complete the application form to enrol yourself in a health course that will allow you to advance your career in the industry.

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Dementia Care: how to nurture memory

Our memories shape the way we live our lives. From good memories to bad ones, there are a few that stick to our psyche and others that we forget, or even choose to forget. However, some aspects of memory loss are far more sensitive and could require medical and psychological treatment.

Dementia care is one of the most vital treatments needed for the elderly over 65, and in certain cases younger patients with early-onset dementia targeting those between 30-50 years of age. According to WHO, there are approximately 50 million people diagnosed with dementia, with Alzheimer’s contributing to a large sum of these clinical diagnoses. 

Learning the most forward-thinking approaches to memory care is essential for those who are already involved in the treatment and maintenance of dementia patients. Learning such skills is also valuable for those who are looking to improve their skills and competences in the care of the elderly.

Learning Works has modelled a course that explores the criteria needed to give support to patients suffering from dementia, as well as their families – the MQF Level 4 Award in Dementia Care is a 6-month course accredited by the Malta Further and Higher Education Authority. It also strengthens your confidence and know-how in standard and new age treatment methods.

The Learning Works Award in Dementia Care covers aspects such identification of dementia, assessment and diagnosis of dementia, communication, interaction, intervention (both pharmacological and non-pharmacological) as well as person-centred care that deals with the quality, diversity and inclusion within a dementia care facility.

These tools and techniques are aimed to equip individual carers with the confidence to treat individuals suffering from dementia allowing them the respect and reassurance they need to battle or maintain their condition.

With a global yearly increase of 10 million cases of dementia diagnosis per year, and 7000+ locally, in Malta; gaining knowledge and expertise in the industry can greatly benefit the wellbeing of our population, now and in the future.

Tuning into your inherent skills to tend to and care for others is how we, as human beings, can help improve the standards in society, and even more so, the medical care sector. Our innate need to provide comfort to others is a devotion that healthcare professionals gracefully commit their lives to. These skills require training, exposure and understanding and can all be achieved through the Dementia Care award delivered through Learning Works.

The Level 4 Award in Dementia Care is delivered by experienced specialists in the field and presented as interactive lectures. This course holds great emphasis on group activities, allowing students to engage with each other through discussion of best practices, assignments and even case studies. These approaches allow for streamlined transition into a care centre or home.

Requirements for this course include a keen interest in improving skills in the healthcare sector, with either 1-year experience in the industry as a care worker, or a Level 3 Award in Health Care as a starting ground in the healthcare sector. This Learning Works course is intended to strengthen the caregiving sector, providing safer, more knowledgeable and confident approaches to the treatment of dementia.

If you have the ethical calling to care for those suffering from dementia, contact Learning Works for more details on how to enrol in the Level 4 Award in Dementia Care – an essential course that nurtures memory and provides comfort to a large percentage of the population.

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A boost in confidence and choosing the right words

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to speak to a crowd in public and the ultimate form of stage fright hit you harder than you’d expected? Maybe you’ve even needed to prepare your own speech, but found yourself struggling to find the right words and structure to deliver your message clearly and in an engaging way.

We’ve all been there. But what if we told you there’s a way to improve your stage presence and guide you into picking every word with ease and confidence?

Learning Works has developed a course specifically designed for those seeking techniques in effective public speaking, speechwriting and presentation skills. The MQF Level 5 Award in Public Speaking and Speechwriting accredited by the Malta Further and Higher Education Authority could be your one-stop-shop for all motivating communication skills delivered to the masses without a bout of the jitters.

The Level 5 Award in Public Speaking and Speechwriting course was developed with professionals in mind – from politicians to company executives, lawyers to sales professionals, managers and medical practitioners, every industry leader will be exposed to tactics to get the crowd on your side.

But it doesn’t stop there – students, this course could benefit your studies and set you apart from your peers. This course will also act as a springboard for your future professional paths, setting you up with a solid backbone for any face-to-face, and even virtual methods of communication and speech delivery. Our course will open doors for your prospective careers, whatever the industry, your newly learned skills will serve as a great gain for any hiring company.

This course is not only targeted towards professionals in any given industry, it’s also a platform to improve your confidence and give you the drive to deliver jaw-dropping speeches. Speechwriting is where it all starts, it’s quite the challenge to deliver a striking presentation, both face-to-face and online,  without the preparation skills and structure you can expect to achieve with the Public Speaking and Speechwriting course on offer through Learning Works.

Some of the skills you can look forward to nurturing include; effective communication, where you will also learn how to manage your stage fright and public anxiety. A great portion of the course will be focused on the very specifics of speech writing and presentation skills led through public speaking – this art form will be unravelled and added to your skills and competences for future success in your given industry.

When it comes to speechwriting, our techniques and approaches can be considered as a unique niche that, in our view, will greatly benefit the leaders of tomorrow. Speechwriting requires dedication, vision and flair – three aspects that you will gain through this course.

Once you’ve channeled your inner speechwriting gods, it’s time to take to the stage, where the crowd of attentive, and sometimes judgemental, listeners will expect to gain from your insight or expertise. This is when the nervous butterflies start to flutter about in your stomach, right? Well, this is also where the 4-month Learning Works course can inspire you.

Our expert professionals are equipped to draw out your natural presentation skills. This will be done with constant motivation and access to techniques, tricks and tips of the trade that will keep every viewer fixed on your next word. Gaining such characteristics will light a fire in you that can only be satisfied with your next speech or presentation. 

So if you’re hungry to captivate a crowd, eager to get your message across clearly and effectively, then the Learning Works award in Public Speaking and Speechwriting will help you sky-rocket your abilities without the drawbacks of stage fright or writer’s block.

Get in touch with one of our Learning Works experts to jump start your public presence, we’re here to give you all the motivation and confidence you need!

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Developing Women’s Leadership Skills with Learning Works

Finding ways to stand out in this dog-eat-dog professional world may be hard. Learning how to hone in your natural skills and strengthen your pain points could set you apart in the ever growing crowd. If you are a woman looking to shine as a leader in your sector, Learning Works MQF Level 6 Award in their Women in Leadership Programme might be the path for you.

Learning how to take on a high-ranking role as a woman, requires strength, confidence and commitment, but how can you ensure you develop your leadership skills in a fruitful and beneficial way?

The Women in Leadership Programme developed by Learning Works is an opportunity for those looking to secure senior management positions, from managing director roles to C-Level ranks, the development of skills tackled during this course are intended to enrich every woman’s professional career no matter the industry or the role.

This 12 ECTS course runs over 12 months and is primarily carried out via online teaching and supplementary learning, with each of the 6 modules closed off with tasks and assignments that will improve the learning process.

The topics in this course develop disciplinary and negotiation angles, planning and time management goals and even communication and presentation skills. In high calibre positions, managers are expected to lead by example, serve as a role model to their teams and strive to communicate targets while strengthening the team. Public speaking, in turn, plays a big part in the role of a leader. Learning Works Level 5 Award in Public Speaking and Speechwriting could be a beneficial support to this course for those involved in presentations and public communication.

The Learning Works Women in Leadership Programme is intended for women looking to develop their skill and climb up the success ladder, women in leadership roles looking to perform at their optimum level and for young professional women looking to get a head start in their business career with all the skills and tools necessary in their industry.

No matter your rank or business sector, the Learning Works Women in Leadership Programme is designed to build you up as a professional leader in any line of work.