Have you ever wanted more from life? Do you feel like you can learn more skills for your career? Making the most of your life requires energy, determination and sometimes a few tweaks here and there. Education is usually the root to change, it pushes us in the right direction, giving us skills and competencies that allow us to tackle new obstacles with confidence and pride.

Learning Works Limited is an organisation with a clear goal in mind – empowering individuals to improve their life by means of high quality educational and vocational courses. Learning Works is a branch in Vassallo Group complex whose experience delves into the construction, real estate, catering and hospitality, healthcare and educational sectors. With over 72 years of experience in the industry, the need to share their expertise and knowledge in the form of structured courses was noticed. Their vocational dreams began with the CareMalta Academy where courses in healthcare related fields have been on offer since 2010.

Identified as the leading private institute for healthcare courses in Malta, the Academy was recognised as the exclusive provider of City & Guilds healthcare related qualifications on the island. And with the success of the CareMalta Academy, a desire for increased awareness and vocational training in other thriving sectors of employment seemed necessary – thus came Learning Works.

Learning Works aims at providing high quality educational and vocational training through flexible classroom-based workshops, presentations and lectures. Real-life case studies where inquisitive thinking is adopted to promote discussions on relatable topics and issues experienced while on the job.

Learning Works currently offers courses in Healthcare (Level 3 and Level 4) and Management (Level 4) – vital courses that help shape a country’s dynamics. In the coming months, in addition to what it is currently being offered, Learning Works will also be launching courses related to other areas of health and social care, management, catering and hospitality, languages, construction and property as well as courses on media and technology. Courses are tailored to a variety of students, both local and foreign and understand that flexibility is key.

Catering to students of all ages and specialising in adult learning, Learning Works promotes a healthy work and study programme where jobs in the industry are encouraged through the Vassallo Group employment scheme

Throughout the years, the legacy of Learning Works has empowered and enabled over 1,000 professionals and support staff whose success in their courses allowed them to embark on a career with knowledge and know-how. But don’t just take our word for it; our students are always keen to share their stories Mar Dela Cruz – a student who followed the City & Guilds Specialist Diploma in Health Care and here’s what he has to say;

“I started working as a carer when I came from the Philippines but I wanted to push myself more, which is why I decided to follow a course at the Academy. I have had to adjust my time between work and classes, but it was worth it because I have learnt so much.

So if like Mar, you’re looking to improve your skills with a rewarding and well-structured course, a trip to sunny Malta may lead you to a world of success. Discover more about how to improve your career options here.

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