Giosue’ Pianciamore

Lecturing Sectors: Management Courses

Giosue’ Pianciamore has worked for eight years as a Principal Education Support Practitioner (Career Guidance) in one of the state colleges in Malta. 

In January 2019, he moved to the University of Malta (UM) – Junior College as a Student Advisor where he supports and guides students in making informed choices related to subject choice, UM courses, study skills, time management and other related guidance queries. 

Mr Pianciamore studied Philosophy and Psychology at the University of Malta and furthered his studies at Derby where he successfully achieved a Master of Arts in Education: Guidance Studies (Derby). He is well known for using a very positive and holistic approach with his students in order to help them achieve the best possible results based on determination, efforts and belief.

He also worked in the hospitality industry for twelve years and held a managerial role at the Piccolo Padre till the end of 2016. Nowadays, he relates the theoretical aspects with the practical ones and disseminates lectures related to leadership, management, customer care and leading change in an organisation.