Gillian Busuttil

Lecturing Sectors: Health & Social Care

“We may not be responsible for the world that created our minds, but we can take responsibility for the mind with which we create our world.” (Gabor Maté). With a passion for helping others from a young age, Gillian carried voluntarily work with children and adolescents in Palermo, Sicily, whilst reading for a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work. Such youngsters came from disadvantaged backgrounds where criminality, addictions, and poverty were the norm. Struggling to thrive in a world that, in contrast, is rich and developing, such young people needed trust and care to bring forth their potential. In this short time, volunteers’ presence brought care, which provided an oasis of hope for some of the children.

In the meantime, Gillian worked in a domestic violence shelter in Malta. Challenges in helping clients with several diverse issues continued to foster a passion for understanding and caring for young adults who strive to do their best to survive. This experience led Gillian to write her undergraduate dissertation on the roles of professionals who work with children and young adults who have been cared for by the care system.

When graduating in 2014 as a social worker, Gillian continued to work in the social field. Whilst working with various problems, Gillian continued to invest her time in understanding addiction. This issue is perpetual to other problems in development, in the environment and future generations. In 2018, Gillian started working in the addiction field; in residential homes, communities, and other institutions. Here, Gillian uses her compassion, motivation, and assessment skills to create a safe space whereby the individual feels understood and empowered to understand themself and the persons around them. On that note, support and guidance are also given to significant others in the same environment, which continues to perpetuate a positive and valuable experience in their world.

Concurrently, Gillian also works in the field of LGBTQ+ and diverse sexual relationships within Rainbow Support Service. As a social worker, Gillian facilitated a youth group for adolescents who wish to be their best version of themselves with a group of other professionals. Presently, individual sessions are carried out with clients who want to explore their gender and sexuality. Support is also given to significant others and individuals whose relationships are diverse.