Webinar on Dealing with Allergies and Intolerance

DATE: Wednesday 25th November, 2020

TIME:  7pm to 8pm

With an increase in prevalence of food hypersensitivity worldwide, heightened awareness on allergies and intolerance is required even locally.

The aim of this Webinar is to provide accurate information about the topic, together with protocols that should be followed in the case of food hypersensitivity cases.


– Difference between Allergy & Intolerance
– Coeliac Disease, Gluten Intolerance & low FODMAP Diet
– Main signs of hypersensitivity to food
– Which tests are reliable and scientifically proven
– Allergies & Intolerance when Eating Out
– Kids’ allergies & intolerances in school
– the Advances in Science for Food Allergies & Intolerances

This webinar will be delivered by Registered Nutritionist Mariella Porter.

Who is Mariella Porter?

Ms Porter holds a master’s degree in Human Clinical Nutrition, where she researched ‘The prevalence of parent reported food hypersensitivity in the Maltese paediatric population’. She is currently furthering her research in this field at PhD level.

Mariella is very passionate about this area of research and has been very active in promoting the health and safety of children with allergies and intolerance in the school environment, and promotes awareness on how every individuals with various forms of food hypersensitivity should keep safe.

Duration Certification Location
1 hour Certificate of Attendance Online (Zoom)

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