Level 4 Award in discovering diversity potential in the workplace

Channelling diversity potential in the workplace can lead to greater performance and innovation.

At the end of the course participants will acquire the necessary knowledge and dynamic skills to manage diversity appropriately and effectively. During the course, they will look at different concepts of inclusion and diversity and they will be offered concrete tools, techniques and methods to be used to manage diversity.

The course aims at helping participants to recognise and understand diversity potential in the workplace to promote inclusion and a sense of belonging in their organisations and so reduce the turnover. It will help them to build a culture of tolerance through awareness, training, communication and conflict management strategies.

The course will enable participants to enhance communication and productivity, valuing and transforming their diverse workforce into a real competitive advantage.

Participants will learn how to use assessment tools, human resources programmes, communication campaigns and training programmes and to develop their own tailor-made Diversity and Inclusion strategy to value and use their (present and prospect) employees to create innovative products, services and business practices that can set the organisation apart and differentiate it to create a competitive advantage.

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