Level 5 Managing Performance and Coaching

Performance management is how an organisation integrates a range of processes to create a coherent and joined-up high-performance strategy.

The pressures to improve performance together with the increased dependence on people’s competence for sustained business success and the critical role of managers in developing people are all factors that directly influence the effectiveness of a manager.

Therefore, managing performance management effectively is a must for managers to be proficient in by having the right skills to engage in productive discussions with their staff members, setting performance indicators, differentiating between strategic and standard objectives while being clear about the outcomes and the how it will be measured. This is the core business of managers nowadays.

Such competence calls for a structured approach in conducting meetings, setting business objectives and delivering coaching where appropriate. These functions come together in this course to support a culture of quality and high performance.

The course offers you the opportunity to learn how to deal with performance management issues including poor performance, conduct appraisals, lead productive meetings and coach staff members. You shall have the opportunity to discuss situations, practice the skill and evaluate your own approaches and skills.

This qualification offered by Learning Works leads to a qualification and certificate by New Horizons (Institute for Work Competencies (NCFHE license 2016-015). The lecturer for this course is Mr Joe Gerada.


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